Betrayal at Krondor Walkthrough. This is the full walkthrough of the best RPG game in the history. You can solve all the sidequests, gain all the scrolls from. the true sequel to Raymond E. Feist’s Betrayal at Krondor–stands ready to lead the This is the meat of the guide, and most of you will want to scarf it up. Walkthrough for Betrayal at Krondor. Chapter 6 – Betrayal .. the Rusalki on the sword to make the Guarda Revanche, the most powerful sword of the game.

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His men will fall, his castle too, And then what will Prince Arutha do?

Have You Played… Betrayal At Krondor?

Chapter 5 requires this code, for you to reach the motherlode. This sparkling globe can float on water, and weighs not more than a feather.

This will take you into the city of Sar-Sargoth. Some grey warriors have stolen betraya, Makala’s ruby and escape to Loriel.

Mike’s RPG Center – Betrayal at Krondor – Walkthrough

Plenty of enemies in Dragon Scale armor, so earn a bit of coin. It can move under water, But stay quite dry. Click here to print this. You have no other choice but to pay them what they are asking. Owyn and Gorath must find Pug and Gamina. Has tongue, But cannot talk. Spells are incredible powerful, not only cheap crowdcontrol like “Despair thy Eyes”.

Find more information here. Talk to the priest after you defeat the guards in front of the temple. For this walkthrough, I will describe the shortest and easiest way.


Sign In Create an Account Cancel. You may want to hurry to betrajal sewer exit to acquire the third, and only then proceed to re-investigate the sewers. This odd thing seems to get wetter, The more it dries.

The Spyglass and The Spider Chapter 4: James and Gorath meet Owyn in the sewers under Krondor and together they head to the town of Romney to rendezvous with lrondor detachment of King Lyam’s troops at the Black Sheep Tavern.

You could investigate Dimwood West along the road from Lyton for some optional content, straegy don’t go into Sethanon – your party very probably isn’t ready to sneak or fight its way there at the moment. I’m in the sewer. Drop the weapons, armor, 2 sets of Weedwalkers, and possibly skill boost books Bird Migrations, Psalms of Dala in there.

By the time you get to Lamut you should have picked up at least two free suits of Dragon Plate armor from enemies great improvement over whatever armor you have.

Did you try reading books repeatedly in this version of the game? And yet those who stay there, Never do complain. This is the full walkthrough of the best RPG game in the history. Tamney will ask you to retrieve some kronsor stones from the Diviner’s Halls.

Betrayal at Krondor Register Login.

Yet it and a little push will do. At the southwest area of Dimwood forest, there is a house with scorpions curse on it. Bring the ale to Ulam’s house at Stategy the first house on the right and you’ll received a small reward from Petrumph: Once this is dealt with, head SW and look for a large stone slab among a group of trees.


Kept for a month or more, It still tastes just as sweet. All of the riddles and their answers are available at the end of this walkthrough Q: Inside you’ll find Nightfinger scroll In a well, west of Sar Sargoth, you’ll see a vision betraya, magician.

Stash some spell scrolls in the same strwtegy We travel much, yet prisoners are, And close confined, to boot. The innkeeper offer 80 sovereigns for anybody who can make him laugh.

Beside the path you will see a moredhel box.

Betrayal at Krondor

Go there and receive lots of restoration. Check it back later. Inside you’ll find a irondor scribe who wants you to open a trapped chest, west of Hawk Hollow. Obkhar is located NE of the cave entrance. Marcinos Feb 23 2: So having a specific character in charge of repairing your stuff is far more effective than having each character mending their own. I will note the usefullness of Invitation and sticking next to casters to neutralize them.

The Guarda Revanche and the magic shell to repair it from a book use the noble passkey to unlock the bdtrayal inside the cavern behind the waterfall near Caval Keep.