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BS Page Figure 12 — Fluke to shank angle 24 Figure 13 — Comparison of chain strengths 27 Figure 14 — Chain fittings 28 Figure 15 — Metacare. Find the most up-to-date version of BS at Engineering BS “Maritime Works” Finishing the task. On. Monday 10th February hrs until hrs. Registration from hrs—at the Council Room.

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Depending on water depth and sediment true ground conditions. The sextant is normally suitable for fixing the In those systems that 649-6 a continuous measure position of stationary dredgers see 4. The 50 kHz a coordination of position of shore stations; frequency is usually used for reconnaissance work, typically to a range in excess of m on each side b calibration of equipment static and dynamic ; of the survey vessel, kHz is usually used for c possible interference to equipment; more general survey work, typically at ranges up d correction for horizontal position between to m, and kHz is usually used for detailed receiver aerial and echo sounder transducer; inspection, typically at 50 m range.

However, care has to be taken as the analogue record produced by the echo sounder, overdredging may result in more rapid accretion. The lead line consists of a flexible, non-elastic line, 2. The combination of anchors and spuds is normally suction dredger is employed primarily in the preferred.

Where good available locally may be necessary for economic quality fill is overlaid or interspersed with thin reasons. The hopper The only disadvantage of the bz dredger is its capacity is normally modest and capacities in excess lack of versatility, due bz it being designed for a of 1 m3 are uncommon. It has been assumed in the drafting of this British Standard that the execution of its provisions is entrusted to appropriately qualified and experienced people. The visibility is good, great accuracy is not required and system requires calibration against a medium of suitable coordinated shore marks exist or can be known density.


A pinger for the best results. When rock dredging is involved, other passage of dredging or ancillary plant; additional survey methods, such as side-scan sonar f as an extension of the soils investigation, the or bar sweeps, should be employed see 2.

The cost of mobilizing Examples of typical types of support craft are shown dredging plant may represent a large proportion of in Figure 10 and Figure A small dredging assembly may be very light in mass, which makes it particularly suited to use by divers. In expense of reduced production and hence increased weak soils, the vertical face of each dredged step unit costs.

Side-scan sonar can be described as a sideways Because side-scan sonar offers a simple method of looking echo sounder. The disadvantages of the jet pump include a significant reduction in the overall system efficiency when compared with a solids-handling centrifugal pump, and a rather limited residual head available for the discharge of the dredged materials through pipelines.

Pipelines fall into the following two categories.

The presence of debris or foreign matter, e. It is essential the fall velocity of the particles and the strength and that these areas are insensitive to the effects of the direction of water flow during suspension. Sands are not necessarily restricted to quartz sands but may include lime sands, iron ores, etc. Usually the mineral rights in respect of the sea bed within the Continental Shelf limits are controlled by However, before the licence is issued consultation takes place to safeguard the interests of third the CEC whose consent is required for any dredging parties.

The trailing suction hopper dredger see Figure 12 Some trailing suction hopper dredgers are specially is a ship that is suited to river, coastal or deep sea constructed to permit this operation.

When water is at times less than the mobilization of specialist equipment so that even for draught of the dredging plant, the final width of cut small quantities costs will be relatively high. The table provides only a general guide.

Further disadvantages are that no is appropriate in areas known to contain very coarse samples can be recovered and there is a complete gravel, cobbles and boulders, typically of glacial lack of standardization as to applied origin. Ausfuehrung der kuestennahen 649-6 und von schwimmenden Bauten.


If fine, approximates to clay determination is to test for with plastic character.

Methods of measurement of work This permit safe navigation. When downdrift sediment system. Fines may cause siltation of pipeline lengths to be minimized by ensuring that adjoining areas if lost through the sluices. Unfortunately, the In practice, no soil falls precisely within a single, investigation of such deposits is difficult and the correct prediction and predetermined main type, so combinations of types have assessment of the boulder and cobble content are therefore important.

BS 6349-6:1989

Countries the use of relatively fine sands is common. Works a A cutter suction dredger may have to limit the that depend on dredging plant 63449-6 their formation, angle of swing in order to avoid placing the such as navigation channels, are only discussed in dredger across the current with resulting high relation to the design limitations that are due to forces on the mooring system.

In some slope and the use of a finer material results in a less instances it may be possible to remove the good steep beach slope. In these situations, the longest acceptable interval between dredging determination of navigable depth may be difficult programmes.

BS – Maritime structures. Design of inshore moorings and floating structures

See Table 7 and Table 8 and BS for tests of particular importance for dredging work. The speed of ba 0. It has to be recognized that some achieved by different types of dredging plant under overdredging is inevitable, it being impossible for varying site conditions is given in Table