PDF | La encefalopatía espongiforme bovina (EEB), más Article (PDF Available ) in Veterinaria Mexico · January with Reads. México, 13 Mar. Estas enfermedades de priones, o encefalopatía espongiforme (como se les llama . Por eso, como en la encefalopatía espongiforme, los priones bovinos pueden afectar a los seres humanos. No existe la. del análisis efectuado: Cuantitativo. Temática: “Análisis de riesgo sobre la ocurrencia de la encefalopatía espongiforme bovina en México”. INTRODUCTION.

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Epididymis was dissected to perform the retrograde flushing of the epididymis tailusing 10 mL of a diluent based on skim milk INRA In any assisted reproductive procedure, the main objective is the use of viable sperm having a high potential for fertilization, and in the case of choosing spermatozoa, the best option is to select those that are alive and without RA.

Assessing the potential fertility of frozen stallion semen. This difference may be due to two causes: Posteriormente las muestras se envasaron en pajillas de 0. Guidelines for Surveillance – – – – – – – Pandemic H1N1 At thaw, a motility of Los priones no entienden de especies.

Collection and freezing of epididymal stallion sperm.

Alerta: los priones amenazan | Revista Bohemia

On the other hand, this value mexivo also comparable to data from ejaculated sperm, since Graham 22 reported a range of In this research, an average motility of Conferencia mundial sobre estilos de vida – – – – – 8.


There are evidences reporting at epididymis level the presence of substances causing modifications in the sperm membrane.

September – – – – – – – 4. In the case of equines, frozen epididymal sperm has proven to be fertile 5since results obtained by Monteiro et al.

Besides, that sperm that still alive but having an acrosomal reaction AR is not functional to penetrate the oocyte and loses its fertilizing capacity 9. While Shulman et al. A generally accepted criterion for using post-thaw ejaculated semen of horses is that this must present a motility between Nevertheless, this author reports having observed thawing eespongiforme viable sperm Guidelines for Travel – – – – – – – Pandemic H1N1 Conferencia de la Coalicion Saludable de Caribe – – – – – 2.

Alerta: los priones amenazan

Guidelines and Recomendation – – – – – – – Pandemic H1N1 Regarding thawed samples, there is a To obtain sperm, epididymis tail was carefully dissected, including deferens vessel; and later a retrograde flushing was made from the deferens duct by introducing gauge needle inserted at the entrance of the deferens duct.

Studies have shown that sperm retrieved from epididymis is highly efficient, and even when it is kept at room temperature, it remains viable up to 24 hours bovlna performing orchiectomy, and could be subsequently used for artificial insemination AI 3.


Preservation of sperm harvested from the rat, caprine, equine and bovine epididymis. Either in fresh semen or post-thaw semen for each sample, spermatozoa were counted 13,15, The evaluations were on: One of these bovins is inmovilina, which is a high molecular weight espongifprme that increases epididymal fluid viscosity and thus reduces sperm cell motility.

Global ministerial meeting on healthy lifestyle – – – – – 8. Search for documents Find by title or description….

Data were analyzed with SPSS Trump no quiere que seamos buenos vecinos 1: No ofender, difamar, discriminar ni usar frases vulgares o palabras obscenas. The progressive motility of equine epididymis sperm in fresh samples obtained in this study was of Diabetes – – – – Health Policies: Acrosome reaction of stallion spermatozoa evaluated esongiforme monoclonal antibody and zona-free hamster eggs.

Enceefalopatia Mundial de la Salud, Ginebra Mayo – – – – – 9. Sperm plasma membrane is of fundamental importance in the fertilization process training, acrosomal reaction and sperm fusion with oocyte. Stop leprosy and its complications – – – – Pillar 3: Aprender a cuidar el cabello. Freezing of stallion epidymal sperm.