Commercial enzyme preparations, viz. Pectinex ultra Sp-L and Flaxzyme consisting predominantly of pectinolytic enzymes were found to ret green jute ribbons. Information is needed to optimize enzymatic-retting of flax (Linum usitatissimum L .) based on a pectinase-rich mixture and chelators. Seed flax straw from North. J Biotechnol. Aug 23;89() Enzyme-retting of flax and characterization of processed fibers. Akin DE(1), Foulk JA, Dodd RB, McAlister DD 3rd.

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Scientific Data Management Research Staff.

To receive news and publication updates for Advances in Materials Science and Engineering, enter your email address in the box below. A process for enzymatic retting bast fibers and control enzymatic retting solution. Composite tests indicate that composite panels are largely unchanged among fiber samples.

However, an inherent difficulty in retting enzymatically non-natural environment arises because the enzymes used must have the ability to act on pectins and neutral polysaccharides sufficiently specific to remove, respecting also cellulosic fiber itself.

Bethune seed flax was collected from Canada with seed removed using a stripper header and straw pulled and left in field for several weeks.

Furthermore, a small group of individual fibers i. One unit was defined as changes in 0. Potential factors that may influence composite properties include fiber dnzymatic, wax content, fiber thickness, fiber strength, cellulose content, and crystallinity compatibilizer and water content. The fiber pullout method was chosen due to its use and relevance in characterizing the fiber-matrix interaction, as detailed rettting a previous study by Foulk et al.

Under conditions examined herein, Viscozyme L at 0. FR Free format text: Mechanical processing may improve the properties of the processed fibers, but there is the potential that retting, which removes most of the natural biopolymers bonding the fibers together, may improve the performance of the fibers in ways that cannot be solely achieved in a mechanical process.

The latter may rettinng adjusted by varying the running speed of the treadmill when you practice a continuous retting. Enzymatic solution according to one of claims 6 or 7 characterized in that it comprises an endo beta galactanase EC 3.

As detailed by Foulk et al.

Modifications Caused by Enzyme-Retting and Their Effect on Composite Performance

Hence, it was concluded that A. In a third series of tests the enzymatic solution consisted of an endo PG, identical to that of the first test, except that its concentration was 1 gram per liter and the presence of a beta enzyme 1- 4 xylanase produced from Aspergillus Niger at a concentration of 1 gram per liter and having 10, units of xylanase activity per gram.


Method for controlled enzymatic retting of bast fibres and enzymatic retting solution. Scanning electron micrographs showed that the surface of pectinase-treated kenaf bast fibres appeared to be smoother and enzymaticc. Indexed in Science Citation Index Expanded. The interfacial bonding could be affected by a number of surface conditions that could be physical or rettint in nature.

However, fibres that are not stiff enough have too little springiness. GB Free format text: The enzyme solution comprises a mixture of an enzyme referred to as endo polygalacturonase EC 3.

The results of the analysis are displayed in Table 3. Fibre that is too stiff has difficulty adapting to enzymqtic such as rolling, revolving, and twisting in textile processing. Composite performance was evaluated using fiber bundle pull-out, tensile, impact, and interlaminar shear tests.

Wax located in the cuticle is removed in the enzyme-retting process. Previous research by Retging et al. The composite interfacial test results pullout and specific ILSS did not indicate a correlation between increasing enzyme exposure and performance of the composite panels. Method of retting bast fibres, especially linen, enaymatic at least one enzyme capable of degrading at least the pectines contained in the natural fibre.

Electronic books The e-book database EBC. No significant differences were found between the tensile properties of kenaf bast fibres treated with A. Fiber testing results demonstrated significant differences between fibers, however, it is rettinng that variation in composite performance might not be completely realized due to rettinv interfacial bonding being of larger impact than the more subtle changes incurred by exposure to the enzymes.

Kenaf fibre is sustainable and environmentally safe because it is biodegradable and renewable. Limit the search to the library catalogue. Tensile properties are affected by the cellulose enzymahic in the fibre.

Naturally, the enzymatic treatment with each of these enzymes may also be performed independently of the processing of endo PG, namely before or after it.

Easily available enzymes as natural retting agents.

Enzyme retting was found in Hu et al. Tables of content are generated automatically and are based on records rettint articles contained that enzymtic available in the TIB-Portal index.


Abstract Bethune seed flax was collected from Canada with seed removed using a stripper header and straw pulled and left in field for several weeks. With cost and fiber and yarn quality as criteria, results established a range in the amounts of components comprising retting formulations as a basis for further studies to optimize enzyme-retting formulations for flax.

The duration of the enzyme treatment depends on the temperature and the enzyme concentration used, it can range from two hours to twenty-four hours. The fibres produced were finer and smoother, compared with the untreated fibres.

The quality of combine-harvested fibre flax for industrials purposes depends on the degree of retting. Process for biochemical processing bast or fibrous cellulosic plants and assimilated. The lower part quantity produced by VARTM and interest from industry to use biocomposites in their products to achieve weight savings and greener parts provides opportunities for biofiber and biocomposite commercialization.

According to the invention, control retting by varying the concentration of the enzyme solution, the number of enzyme activities involved, as well as, as mentioned above, the duration of treatment. Year of fee payment: View at Google Scholar H. While any buffer solution maintaining the enzyme in the aforementioned pH can be used, the Applicant has established that the addition with fresh water three to five grams per liter of citric acid neutralized by a strong base, such as sodium hydroxide is a particularly effective buffer in the implementation of the present invention.

Pectinase production by Bacillus subtilis and its potential application in biopreparation of cotton and micropoly fabric. Samples were collected in 8-h intervals and washed under running tap water.

In addition, the smoother fiber surface created by longer enzyme retting reduces the mechanical interlocking between fiber and matrix which could decrease interfacial bonding. Identification of Weave Patterns. Micronaire values are high about for bench carded samples and lower about 4 to 5 for finer proportion from samples cleaned through a Shirley analyser.

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