Title: Formulario , Author: Alejandro Gómez, Name: Formulario , Length: 2 Los contribuyentes que realicen inicio de actividades podrán acceder al. PORTAFOLIO DIGITAL INICIO DE ACTIVIDADES 3D Full Motor (Empresa simulada). Formulario de Obtenci贸n de RUT e Inicio de Actividades. ¿Cómo inicio actividades en el Servicio de Impuestos Internos? Copyright: © All Rights . Formulario (si es presencial). Acreditación de domicilio.

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Cleaning up the mess created by foreigners that have given unlimited powers of attorney to the wrong person or unchecked legal representative powers to the wrong person are the two most common errors that foreigners make in Chile, and we have made more money fixing those situations almost more than any other thing we do. Here’s a handy dandy PDF from the website. Is this accurate don charles?

Source of confusion long, long, time ago Chileans had two different numbers for these.

Often it is just an accountant or attorney that acts as legal representative. Anyone can get one of these at the local IRS office by filling out a form and showing your passport. Now, on the one hand I want to say yea there is a lot of gringos that have gotten themselves in to trouble by giving legal representative powers to Chileans, but Actividadss have seen far, far, far worse doing things like giving legal representative powers to Argentineans and other gringos.


Getting a RUT for business, I have a RUN / Carnet – Chile Forum

You get one of these when you are either born in Chile or obtain acrividades in Chile. You just need to go to the office near where you live and ask for form It is very important inlcio the mechanisms to oversee the legal representative and accounting be solid from the start, and that the articles of incorporation provide for easy removal of the legal representative should they go off the reservation in some way.

Legal, relocation, and Investment assistance in Chile. Why do people mix up both then?

formulario by rosa agurto on Prezi

IRS firmulario none residents vs. Now, you gotta understand that if you start up a biz, you have to do boletas. Contrary to the tax authority, the civil register does not issue temporary RUN. You will be known by that number in Chile the rest of your life. See Sii offices valpo.

Cut and paste from lonely planet: They are often just figure-heads, and really don’t do anything. May be worth exploring. Thus, it may change if it is expired or you apply for residency such as in the case of a tourist buying a car or property. A legal representative does not need to be a owner of a company at all. Powers of attorneys should be limited to getting specific tasks completed.


No, you can get a temporary RUT issued by the Actividdaes tax services. You need to tell the health insurance that you do not yet have a Chilean ID card.

To give boletas for english lessons, I used if I remember correctly. They generate a temporary number allowing you to start contributing. Don’t mess with the IRS. Moderated By A Chilean Attorney.

RUT and RUN : two ID numbers to know

A Sociedad Limitada is a different and much more fomrulario tramite that takes a much longer time and requires publication in the Diario Oficial. You can have different kinds of Sociedades: If the form was downloaded from Internet, fill it out in your computer and print two copies.

Don’t leave the store untended, and you will be xe likly to get in to trouble. It’s all very painless. He will steal it. If this document is issued overseas, it must be stamped by the Chilean consulate in that country and by the Ministry of Foreign Relations in Chile.