John Steakley only published two relatively obscure novels in his life. The first, published in , was Armor, and while taking clear inspiration. John Steakley’s ARMOR (, Daw) is regarded, in many ways, as a companion to Heinlein’s STARSHIP TROOPERS. In interviews given at. “Kent put me on the ship and sent me off, still in his armor the whole time. When they tried to find out what was going on, he blocked them.

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Hell, kill them rather than bother with them – or be bothered by them. And there were parts that were just heart-wrenching; the section with Forest, for one. As in Vietnam where the troops were thrown into battle in a war there was never any intent to win the troops here are treated as expendable.

I also enjoyed the gender-neutral aspects of the novel with regards to the female fighters not once are the women treated as less-able simply for being women and the scientists on Sanction.

It has some superficial similarities with Robert A. Jan 12, Jokoloyo rated it really liked it.

Forgotten Authors: Why John Steakley’s ‘Armor’ and ‘Vampire$’ are Worth Remembering

Get to Know Us. The first section of Armor follows Felix, a scout wearing a battle suit who is dropped onto the planet Banshee where humans are at war with a species that would resemble ants if ants were 8 feet tall.


But I don’t need a sequel — I like the way Armor ended. A woman vomits at the breakfast-line right in front of As I finished Armor by John Steakley this morning, I laughed a laughter from the depths of me.

Retro review: ARMOR by John Steakley

I think a close adaptation of Armor with the budget of Game of Thrones would be about the only way to do this saga justice. His response to the constant anxiety of war, to the horrors that he has to endure, is to develop an alter-ego. Several people had recommended it to me in the past. On the surface, the similarities are obvious – a future war in space with a young male soldier in powered armor.

: Armor (): John Steakley: Books

If you don’t watch out, the underlying sadness could get to you. Dec 04, Pages Buy. At first glance, Steakley took the parts of Starship Troopers he liked the most, power armor and aliens that resemble insects, and e An armored scout named Felix is dropped on the planet Banshee, a hostile alien world teeming with Ants.

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This is Starship Troopersstripped of hope, stripped of its political angle, iohn of everything except the desperate drive to survive constant brutal and bloody war. Thanks for being his friend and for whatever motivation and support you gave him while he was writing his books.

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Armor (novel) – Wikipedia

The protagonist is Felix, an enlistee who’s been given “scout” duty on an alien planet in johb seemingly endless Antwar. If that is the case, then how in the heck did they manage to master space flight and attack Earth? One of the characters in “Armor” describes it best when she relates an anecdote from her past.


And then there are the situations that cause the Engine to kick in and “Felix” to emerge. View all 3 comments. The survival rate for the standard, heavily-armored troops on their first drop is low.

Armor by John Steakley 35 53 Aug 13, And of what a man of character and will is armod of doing with that monster – That “Engine”. I kind of wonder what the point was. Most forget we won the battles. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention from April All Wikipedia articles with plot summary needing attention.

Kent saved Felix by shoving him on that ship. Views Read Edit View history. View all 9 comments. If only Steakley had stuck with Felix’s story, I might have considered Armor a good novel. And while he commits atrocities its johm in the name of survival and the way his character struggles with what he has done, and how his comrades continuously die around him is compelling. Reading “Armor” 15 or 20 years later was great timing for me.

But I won’t discuss the psy factor much, that’s one of main reading pleasure for this book. The soldiers successfully create an impregnable fort on Banshee.