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Vetus Testamentum 44 He notes that he delivered a paper, clearly the one intended for publication in Biblica, at the 27th Rencontre assyriologique Internationale, Paris,a conference for which no published proceedings seem to exist. Ernst Eichler et al, eds. Studien zu Volkskultur, Sprache und Landesgeschichte Bonn,vol.

Most writings of a non-scholarly nature published in the world’s Jewish daily or weekly press, which are not worth the effort of verification however, non-scholarly publications appearing in magazines with at least a monthly frequency, for instance, are generally included. The Folklore of the Jews. Joiakim, see entry Jona Diebner, Bernd J0rg. Their Implications for Religious History. Regensburg,pp. A Study of the Jews and Antisemitism. Copenhagen,pp.

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Revue de I’histoire des religions 50 For another treatment of these names, see Jack M. Mnauf of names of Jews in which onomastic analysis is absent, as in most Jewish genealogies and family histories, indexes, naturalization and census records, membership and telephone directories, name registers, lists of subscribers, deportees and martyrs, and collections of tombstone inscriptions.

  ASTM D3170 PDF

Scattered Jewish-interest material may also be found in sections for other countries or languages.

Leiden, may be consulted for etymologies, comparative data, and analytical references to other specialized sources. Hagar Gorg, Manfred. Lebram Leiden,pp.

On the names Barnabas, Barsabas, and Bartimaeus. Encyclopaedia of Religion and Ethics. Spiritual Choices from D6612 Tradition. Nadab Albright, William Foxwell. Wexler’s review in Onoma, vol. Names and Wordplay in Joshua 7. Festgabe Adolf Kaegi von Schulern und Freunden dargebracht zum Jehowah-Jovis und die drei Sohne Noah’s.

Craigie Sheffield,pp. See also Margaret H.

Wiesbaden,pp. Noah see also entry Bailey, Lloyd R. Rites of Passage in Judaism Philadelphia,pp. On Phicol and Ahuzzath. Because Hebrew and Yiddish use no capital letters, proper nouns in those languages appear here in lower case, with the opening word of a title, for instance, being the only exception though in Hebrew titles, if the opening word begins with the definite article, only the immediately following noun is capitalized.

Authorization to photocopy items for internal or personal use is granted by Brill provided thatthe appropriate fees are paid directly to The Copyright Clearance Center, Rosewood Drive, Suite Danvers, MAU. Onomastica Canadiana 80 Louvain-la-Neuve,pp. Jochebed see also entry Gorg, Manfred. Examines the ‘X son of Y’ pattern as well as related linear forms. Haggai Miscellaneous studies: Fragmentum libri nominum Hebraicomm antiquissium. Chiefly reprints of his published writings. On names repeated in the same Biblical verse.


Charencey, Hyacinthe, comte de. Adlai Levy, Isidore.

Geschichte und Altes Testament. Studies in Jewish and World Folklore.

Jewish Given Names and Family Names: A New Bibliography – PDF Free Download

On the names of Leah’s v612 and her maid-servant, Zilpah. Jerusalem,has been my authority on Hebrew vocalization and, hence, Hebrew romanization. The Legends of Israel. Sigmund Mowinckel’s contribution with the same title, ibid. Enlarged and revised English ed.

Vergleichende Studien zur alttestamentlichen Namenkunde. Oholah Halperin, David J. McClintock, John, and James Strong.