The seL4 Microkernel. Security is no excuse for poor performance! The world’s first operating-system kernel with an end-to-end proof of implementation. L4Ka::Pistachio is the latest L4 microkernel developed by the System Architecture Group at the University of Karlsruhe in collaboration with the DiSy group at the. L4 got rid of “long message passing”, in favor of shared memory and interrupt-like IPC. This is great for the kernel – no copying delays and no.

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These range from minimal support libraries to fully-fledged operating-system personalities.

I was talking about basic UNIX functions. If done well, formal verification of kernel level services and how these use runtime protection built in hardware can absolutely reduce the attack surface of application level code. May 20, Previrtualization First release, includes support for Linux 2.

Pistachio-embedded, later ported to seL4. This led to the use of L4 in mobile phone handsets on sale from late L4 is a family of second-generation microkernelsmicrokernnel used to implement Unix-like operating systemsbut also used in a variety of other systems.

Yes, I’d assume it’s more heavily used in the higher-level application layer. This makes application specification and verification easier, and safer. It has a complete analysis of timing, in particular, worst-case interrupt latencies. Second, in IoT devices, sandboxing is a lot less interesting, because there aren’t that many use cases for sandboxed sensor inputs you’re not RFing or button-pushing whole PDF documents.

What’s your sense of the number of IoT vulnerabilities that are due to misconstrued OS semantics?

I’m happy to believe that almost all IoT vulnerabilities are microlernel level problems. I would really love to see more commentary from high-level systems people micgokernel how suitable SEL4 is as the basis for a general purpose OS. This was demonstrated by team behind Nizza in the paper below with examples including digital signatures, VPN’s, and so on. The MIPS kernel was used heavily for teaching and research. As a highly publicized anecdote, the Jeep hack of Miller and Valaseck was done by attacking through wireless, and replacing the CAN driver code to suit their needs.


It seems more manageable to verify a few KB of assembly or C. Pistachio, including the fastest-ever reported implementation of message passing 36 cycles on the Itanium architecture. The L4Ka team has switched to GitHub for all repositories. I think you would also have to verify resulting binary, compiler, libraries The Fiasco microkernel is a complete implementation of the L4 version 2 interface.

With the release of L4Ka:: Retrieved January 25, You could run other programs on microlernel box. Without connecting the proofs to a formally verified chip, it’s about the best you can do. The paper microkernrl mention QNX at all. Our vision is a microkernel technology that can be and is used advantageously for constructing any general or customized operating system including pervasive systems, deep-computing systems, and huge servers.

It now applies to the whole microkernel family including the L4 kernel interface and its different versions. This model, which was also adopted by Barrelfishsimplifies reasoning about isolation properties, and was an enabler for later proofs that seL4 enforces the core security properties of integrity and confidentiality. If you’re not familiar with how microkernels work, remember that everything is moved from kernel to user space if it’s at all feasible to do so. The problem here isn’t a lack of formal verification, it’s a lack of people caring.

Even Unix signals are delivered as Mach exceptions first. The NOVA OS Microkrrnel Architecture is a research project with focus on constructing a secure and efficient virtualization midrokernel [29] [30] with a small trusted computing base.


IoT isn’t really target for these things. IDL 4 is a stub-code generator for the L4 platform.

This Page is no longer Maintained!

That is the real power of systems like seL4, even microkerbel seL4 isn’t itself really geared toward the sort of chipsets commonly used in consumer grade IoT products.

Microekrnel can be used that way, but in purpose-built systems it can also just be used as a simple stratum on which to build applications directly. For this reason, the name L4 has been generalized and no longer only refers to Liedtke’s original implementation. At DefCon, someone did a talk investigating the wireless security of some drones.

So, outside process is necessary for detection of anomalous behavior and recovery. PERSEUS is an open-source project that shows that this can be achieved with much less programming effort and more flexibility micrrokernel typically thought.

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L4Ka – L4Ka Project

Archived from the original on January 11, Archived from the original on This is almost tautological. A set of user-level servers utilizing the well-known kernel mechanisms should prove sufficient. It’s a simplified model, but ,icrokernel well validated.

What you typically get is a neat subdivision of all the HAL bits, but everyone stops once they’re plugging in applications.

Journal of Computer Science and Technology. But capabilities do solve real application security problems, and this capability system is proven correct.