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Jan 15, Calin Biris rated it really liked it. Personally I think he has written better novels after this one. The book must have 5 star rating.

Legion of the Damned

Strange association between a mountain and having sex! I legiunwa all the books and read them all like at least 10 blrstematilor eachbut never in order. Sven reaches rank of Oberleutnant. It also covers more ground, 3 years from to Sherman said it, but it might just as well have been said by a German tank soldier on the Eastern Front in the Second World War.

He was released inand was planning to join the French Foreign Legion when he met Dorthe Jensen. It is dirty and miserable and terrible. May 28, SeRRo rated it it was amazing.

We follow the Story of Sven who is fighting with his comrades on different nlestematilor in WWII – main Focus is not on the description of various battle Scenes but the intense emotions, Motivation and deep thoughts of the soldiers. The Finnish “jubilee edition” I read includes actually two novels and a pictorial supplement on Hassel’s war time pho Standard Sven Hassel level.

Questo e pochi altri mancavano e li comprai per lui qualche anno fa su IBS. This product is blestematilod longer in stock. Harsh treatment in captivity, escape attempt, train journey East, various adventures in captivity.


Powell rated it really liked it. Preferirei poter dire di non nutrire nessun istinto sanguinario; ma ancora oggi vedo rosso quando penso, o leigunea incontro, coloro che incitano alla guerra, tutti quegli idioti che apertamente, o con infide insinuazioni, spingono ai conflitti i popoli e coltivano gli istinti bellicosi dei singoli individui. Mal gliene inc 1st -?? What’s most interesting is the camaraderie between soldiers that I recognized from my own military experience.

Jun 10, Martin Warner rated it it was ok. It ends with a litany of the lost, a visit to an asylum, and a promise. More references to Sven being good at sex. Von Barring Von Barring’s madness.

Legiunea blestemaților

Lika blinda och maktgalna och avtrubbade? And by it was only worse.

Now they’ve reissued them I thought I’d read it again. First mention of Stalin the Cat. Porta talks about religion, his adventures in a nunnery and his love of the church organ.

See 1 question about Legion of the Damned…. Apr 23, Polifemo added it. Aug 05, Handrick rated it liked it. Mar 03, C. May 18, Raegan Butcher rated it liked it. For a long time I went about in a state of queer, dull resignation and was on the point of being infected by my companions’ belief that we were all doomed and that nothing mattered at all, since all me I am aware of the controversy that swirls around the author but if even half of this stuff is true and maybe only half is it is still mighty disturbing.

They even break out the flame thrower. It simply let them empty. Intersting all the same. Sven Hassel an alias was Danish, having joined the German army in Separate Peace Talk of peace and revolution.


It is a must read novel for as many people as possible, especially for the ones that did not participated in any war. Jun 30, carl theaker rated it liked it Shelves: Wild, realistic most the time, and oddly poignant for such a tale.

Lectura Audio: Sven Hassel – Legiunea Blestematilor: Blindatele Mortii

The first chapters of this book, when Sven is in the concentration camp, are relentless and harrowing, and are reportedly based on the writer’s own experiences.

Sven and his fellow prisoners put through their paces, kept constantly on the move with very little time to sleep. Who is right and who is wrong? But despite that, I found I quite liked it, even as someone who finds blood and thunder books and films a bit dull. And while this can be understandable and can provide some insight into a soldier’s mind, the immersion is fully broken by the narrator’s attempt to force feed you with morality.

The military unit that Sven and his friends were in traveled to many parts of the world during WW2 and each book covers piece of that. What is more, I sometimes got the feeling that Hassel was a bit of an asshole who modified the reality to suit his needs “Hey guys, I really never liked these Nazi anyway.