Purpose of Letter of credit (“LC”) is to give payment security to the beneficiary The applicable rules of UCP A generic checklist is given below to assist parties involved in the transaction in . Certificate of Origin. An LC is a contract by which a bank agrees to pay the beneficiary upon the Credits (“UCP”) are international rules published . such as insurance documents and certificates. the LC. 2. Bills of lading are not clean – meaning they bear. As an exporter, how accurate are the letter of credit documents that Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP ), transport documents, A Certificate of Origin is a signed declaration stating the country of origin of the goods.

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In order to represent the sales contract properly, complete the bank application form with your customer, watching for points in the following list. One or more of the following checkpoints may thus be overridden by conditions stipulated in your particular credit. The description of the goods must correspond exactly with the description stated in the Letter of Credit article 18c, UCP It should be drawn by the beneficiary or any other person authorized in this regard.

To check if documents are compliant, banks examine the required documents based on: A generic checklist is given below to assist parties involved in the transaction in preparing compliant documents.

Must indicate the name odigin the assured. It has three key functions:. As is the case with other documents, if the issuer of an inspection certificate is not specified within the letter of credit, the bank will accept such document as presented.

Initial Scrutiny All documents called for in LC are submitted. You are commenting using your WordPress.

How to Prepare and Check Letter of Credit Documents | Buyer’s Credit & Supplier’s Credit

You are commenting using your Facebook account. It is more usual for a credit to call for an Insurance Certificate as an Open Policy will generally be taken out by exporters to cover all exports over a given period rather than per individual shipment. In order to ensure you have all the information necessary for negotiating a sales contract you my crrtificate to consider the following points:.


Similarly with your insurers if insurance is to be covered by you. Ensure these detailed but vital points are settled before checklost discussions -you can save problems with discrepancies later. The articles also detail further specific requirements such as on board notations, transhipment and payment of freight charges. Issued by a railway authority checklish the transportation of goods by rail, a Rail Consignment Note evidences that the goods have been received by the carrier for onward transportation.

How to Prepare and Check Letter of Credit Documents

It is recommended that the details of the credit be recorded at this point so that a progress check can be updated right through to presentation of the final documents to the bank for payment. It will also be of assistance to those involved in financial and credit management and in production and supply.

It also refers to less secure methods of payment and other responsibilities certiticate on overseas visits. Must bear the number of the LC. Successive surveys by SITPRO and others have shown that well in excess of fifty percent of documents presented by exporters to banks for payment under letters letteer credit are rejected on first presentation. Air Waybills also known as Air Consignment Notes are obtained from airlines whilst Sea Waybills are issued by a shipping company.

Indicate that the carrying vessel is propelled by sail only. Appear to indicate the name of the carrier. Arithmetical calculations should be accurate, compare unit price and quantity. It is made out by the seller beneficiary under a Letter of Creditusually on his own headed paper, in the name of the buyer applicantunless a Letter of Credit instructs otherwise. Road, Rail or Inland Waterway Transport Document Signed as required by UCP article 24, noting that if an agent signs on behalf of a carrier, the agent must be named and indicate the capacity in which it is signing i.


Working through the checkpoints set out in certifixate various sections of the guide will help reduce discrepancies and associated unplanned costs.

Letters of Credit – Checklist and Guide for Export Sales Executives – Sit Pro

The Insurance Certificate stipulates the amount of insurance, the goods insured and risks covered. The draft is issued by the beneficiary as required under the terms of the credit and is credkt on the bank stipulated in the credit.

Take a copy of the form to check against the credit when your company receives it. It should be drawn payable for tenor specified in the LC. Airway Bill or Airconsignment Note Ltter show flight number and date. It should show deduction towards agency commission payable etc. The buyer may require the seller to undertake certain obligations such as but not limited to the despatch of copy documents directly following shipment.

Common Letter of Credit Documents

Any reference in the invoice to a proforma invoice or a contract does not imply that banks will examine the connection between the different documents. The quantity of goods, unit prices, delivery terms etc. A Waybill is a document issued by the carrier of the goods or its agent.

Unless you can correct discrepancies in time you will lose your right to payment under the credit and all the cost and effort to obtain security will have been wasted.