The proposed amendments and adoptions of rules in Chapters 10A NCAC 13B Licensing of Hospitals and 10A NCAC 13C Licensing of. 10A NCAC 13B – General Requirements: Access and Safety. 10A NCAC 13B – Construction Requirements: Special Care Unit. 10A NCAC 13B MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS (a) Prior to occupancy of the facility, the facility shall obtain documentation verifying that all mechanical.

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An audit of the financial operations of the facility shall be performed by a public accountant at least once a year. If the potential donor wishes to proceed, laboratory and diagnostic tests shall be ordered as necessary. If the ncax restricts the patient’s access to information in the patient’s medical record, the physician shall record the reasons on the patient’s medical record. The date 100a the most recent review shall be indicated on the written policies. January 1, ; Repealed Eff.

The following definitions shall apply throughout this Section, unless the context clearly indicates to the contrary:. Board of Medical Examiners to practice medicine.

NC DHSR: Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Facility Rules

The following shall be provided to each unit:. The facility shall provide new employee orientation and continuing education programs for all employees to maintain the skills necessary for the performance of their duties and learn new developments in health care. Clinical responsibility for the development and implementation of the plan shall be clearly designated.

Once the IDAT determines the suitability of the potential donor the IDAT shall discuss with the potential donor’s surgical team and transplant team its decision prior to its presentation to the potential donor. The director of pharmacy shall be responsible for emergency pharmaceutical services as currently described in the Pharmacy Laws of North Carolina. Insurance issues health and life shall also be discussed with the potential donor and an attempt shall be made to answer any questions asked by the donor.

Copies of these publications can be obtained from the various organizations at the addresses listed:. February 1, ; Expired Eff. In the event of such as emergency, steps shall be taken by a pharmacist to ensure that the borrowed medications shall be replaced and so documented. Such services shall be provided in the facility or by outside resources through a transfer agreement or referrals.


Financial assistance does not include:. As used in these Rules, the term physical restraint does not apply to the use of professionally recognized methods for therapeutic holds of brief duration five minutes or less.

The respiratory therapist shall: It is often used as synonymous with the term “nursing home” which is the usual prerequisite level for state licensure for nursing facility NF certification and Medicare skilled nursing facility SNF certification. September 30, Public Comment Period: However, continuous compliance may be impractical with full utilization of some forms of variable air volume and load shedding systems that may be used for energy conversation.

Rule Actions

The general requirements of this Subchapter shall apply to such facilities except where they are specifically waived or modified by the rules of this Section. Occupancies up to and including Four Stories. When it is not possible or medically advisable to give such information to the patient, the information shall be given on his behalf to the patient’s designee. The nutrition and dietetic service policies and procedures shall include, but not be limited to the following:.


The written policies, rules, and regulations shall: Rate of air movement may be varied as needed within the limits required for positive control. The director nfac pharmacy shall nvac assisted by additional pharmacists and such other personnel as the activities of the pharmacy may require to meet the pharmaceutical needs of the patients served.

Gravity-type heating or cooling units such as radiators or connectors shall not be used in operating rooms and other special care areas. For facilities performing live donor nephrectomies, radiological staff shall be available for pre-operative assessment, peri-operative care, and post-operative follow-up as required.

The rules contained in this Section shall apply to all psychiatric and substance abuse services provided by any facility. This evaluation shall be completed within three days. Isolation room shall be negative to anteroom and positive to toilet. Air movement for rooms with dashes and non-patient areas may vary as necessary to satisfy the requirements of those spaces.


The reason why the IDAT has objections shall be explained to the potential donor. At the time of evaluation by the IDAT, a discussion shall be held between the IDAT social worker and the potential donor and his or her family or next of kin to address the following areas:. The facility shall provide, directly or by contract, a laundry service or department that provides the following:. The director of pharmacy shall maintain an inventory of drugs and pharmaceutical devices to meet the needs of the patients as described in the facility’s formulary.

Dampers shall close upon activation of the fire alarm system unless a part of an engineered smoke control system.

Prevailing winds, adjacent buildings, and discharge velocities shall be taken into account when designing such outlets. Such notice will include:.

March 1, ; Temporary Amendment Eff. The beds in this level may serve as a “step-down” unit from Level IV. Procedures for cleaning all equipment and work areas shall be followed consistently and documented to safeguard the health of the patient. Note 1 – Ratings based on ASHRAE Note 2 – Rating based on DOP Dioctyl-phthalate test method 8 Any system utilized for occupied areas shall include provisions to avoid air stagnation in interior spaces where comfort demands are met by temperatures of surrounding areas; 9 All rooms and areas in the facility used for patient care shall have provisions for year round mechanical ventilation; 10 Each patient’s room shall have at least one openable window, opening to the outside to permit ventilation; and 11 In psychiatric units, all convectors, HVAC enclosures, or air distribution devices that are exposed in the room shall be constructed with rounded corners and shall be fastened with tamper-proof screws.