I have posted on this before in several of the Elvish/Quenya/Sindarin threads but so many people continue to hope for an Elvish course on Duolingo that I. 1 févr. Learn the language of elves from J.R.R Tolkin fantasy books The Lord of the Rings. Memorize common phrases in Elvish with an easy and. Ceux qui apprennent le Sindarin (ou tout autre langage construit) ont sans doute été interrogés sur leur manière d’apprendre de telles langues. En discutant.

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At least two of these “Noldorin” plurals – eder and Belen – clash with the attested Sindarin plurals edair and Belain. An a occurring in the final syllable of a word usually turns into ai in the plural.

How do I say, “I love you” in Elvish? | Yahoo Questions/Réponses

In Sindarin, adjectives including participles following the noun they describe are usually lenited. Learn common words and phrases in the Game of Thrones language of Dothraki!

The later form, not attested, would be Peringyl. Monosyllables later becoming polysyllables but perhaps still behaving as monosyllables for the purpose of plural formation This is something that is not directly addressed in Tolkien’s published writings, but then almost nothing of his grammatical writings is available to us.

Ainsi vous voulez apprendre l’Elfique?

Plus some people call me Elrond. However, since this theory was first advanced a new relevant example has been published. Since bands of Orcs could be very noisy, the word glam “alone could be used of any body of Orcs, and a singular form was made from it, glamog “.


Min ie l “Minya” Elf of the First Clanpl. In both the singular and the plural, the article may appear as a suffix appended to prepositions.

Celebrimbor o Eregion teithant i thiw hin. We may speculate that in the form of Sindarin that preferred dagorath to dagraththe historically justified plural deigor would also be altered to degyrthe umlauts following the more normal pattern.

But actually cui would represent the older plural ku3i or kuhisince the stem is KU3 LR: There is little reason to doubt that oralso when appearing as an independent preposition “over, above, on”, would trigger similar changes in the word that follows: See below, in the section about consonant mutations, concerning the various incarnations of this article and the environments in which they occur.

The singular lhewig “ear” is in turn derived from this plural or dual form.

It seems that in all the examples just listed, we should read Sindarin ai for “Noldorin” ei in the plural forms. Tolkien explicitly stated that “the nasal sjndarin Perhaps this was after his father had revised the plural patterns that otherwise persist in Etym.

Btw, the site http: It seems that Tolkien decided that ei in the final syllable of a word this also goes for monosyllables became aibut otherwise remained ei. Yet English usually relies on the plural ending – s.


This is translated in Letters: However, if Tolkien had decided to go for the simpler analogical forms, these extra complications are transcended. For in the same position where s becomes hthe mutation rule also dictates that h becomes ch.

Annon edhellen, edro hi ammen!

Duolingo has shown itself not unwilling to accept less-than-pure linguistic forms among its courses. Content related to specific languages, general language learning and linguistics are all allowed. This may provide a clue to how Tolkien would later have interpreted the name.

Dagr dag-r turned into dagor and magl mag-l became magol. Submit a new link. If this happened before the final gh of the plural adjective teirgh became a vowel so that the cluster disappeared, the form would turn into terghin later Sindarin teri. However, we are told that the dual form early became obsolete except in written works Letters: There are, however, quite a few attested cases where soft mutation fails to take place in such combination.

Naur an edraith ammen!

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