A relatively small book, both in page count and literal size, Camo Specs (subtitle: units during the late Succession Wars era, for painting BattleTech miniatures. BattleTech CamoSpecs Online, No Central Location. likes ยท 98 talking about this. Camo Specs Online is the official source for the camo specs of the. BATTLLETECI-. CAMO. SPECS. A GUIDE TO REGIMENTAL PAINT SCHEMES BATTLETECH and MECHWARRIOR are trademarks of FASA. Corporation.

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To players and hobbyists, the art of painting miniatures can feel overwhelming. Growing old is inevitable, Growing up is optional.

battletech camospecs | eBay

Now for me, this big issue, which is a disconnect of sorts, and likely more than any a problem with me, and not the site. On my ‘Mechs, I chose a cockpit color based on the predominant color of the ‘Mech.

For searching the site, I’ve gotten decent results using Google, adding site: I prefer this scheme more on the blue side nattletech I’ve chosen to use orange for my cockpit color.

Psycho on 26 January So I started with 2 dips of black and 1 or a half of orange. First step is to mix black with the color you chose.


The ratio is sitting around 1: Now, using the same 2: Look at the latest ccamo minis What other things do you use our website for? I mix these together on my pallet and then dip my brush in the water, flick a little off and add that. Not a full brush full of white, but a little.

Game:Battletech Camo Specs A Guide to Regimental Paint Schemes

It may look better on a mobile but it still looks a little bare on my PC monitor, navigation is also a little rough but it has been the lack of updates that’s been giving me blues.

You’ll see that statement a lot as we go. We have an interrogation to attend battletecn. You should just have a pale, pastel looking imitation of your base color.

Camo Specs

Now for something a little tricky; take out two parts of your base color and lay it down seperate from your original color or you can put enough color battlrtech your mix to make it almost purethen take a little from the original mix and mix it into the base color so it’s not too vibrant.

Watching TrueToaster create evil genius, priceless Having some problems with the new site, some pictures don’t download, hard to find some things.

There are so many choices to make – choosing the mini, the scheme, paint brands, paint brushes, and techniques. The Yellow Sign consists of an irregular three-armed cross, with no two exactly alike. Each time you add a lighter layer, you leave a bit of the previous layer exposed.


Wait an see I guess. CungrVanck Warrant Officer Posts: I then paint the cockpit area with this base color.

Age of War [ – ]. While the paints still wet it appears that it might baytletech too bright. Its usually easier to touch up small areas around the cockpit than to remix your paint and touch up the cockpits. I know that would require quite the database restructuring but would be nice. For example, if I search for “Alpha Galaxy”, I get a list of 15 units and another list of miniatures.

Camo Specs – BattleTechWiki

I hope their recovery efforts can improve things eventually. Moonsword Global Moderator Colonel Posts: Just have a little patience! Thanks for taking a look and get to painting slackers! Steel Viper Gamma Galaxy Crossbow: Alright, here is our ‘Mech.

Not bqttletech best solution, but it is a useful workaround until the site search returns. Psycho CamoSpecs Lieutenant Posts: You will find it there.