Vivian Gandillon relishes the change, the sweet, fierce ache that carries her from girl to wolf. At sixteen, she is beautiful and strong, and all the. Annette Curtis Klause, Author Delacorte Press $ (p) ISBN Expected to mate with one of the rowdy, blood-hungry werewolves her own age, Vivian. Sex and violence abound as we meet Vivian, a young werewolf trying to make her way in the world and get some hot man meat. Possibly by.

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It’s a male’s world, isn’t it? Like the kind I want right Yet Klause didn’t pull it off. Are we all not trying to hide a part of ourselves from the world? You know, the side where your teenage friend is shagging your Mum, and you Mum and someone else’s mum are publicly lusting after and fighting over the same guy who is TOTALLY way too young annetts them.

Just as he’s about to shoot her, Astrid and Rafe show up in their hybrid forms. Werewolf novels can be written much, much better than this see Kelley Armstrong’s Bitten. In the new town, Vivian has no friends because of chocplate reserved and secretive nature. It is set in the contemporary United States.

Small problem, he got his leadership via combat, barely shows any actual people skills and before the end of the book he never even hinted that he actually loves Vivian, not that we ever get to know why. With them she finds the acceptance and friendship that she is not getting from the pack. How can anybody mistake the desire to protect and dominate with love?

Blood and Chocolate

None of this pure young thing who also happens to turn into a wolf. You think I’m kidding? Why can’t he see that? It’s a story about teen angst and love and decisions and betrayal and loyalty and just generally growing up and coming of age But I persevered, hoping it would get better.


There is the stuff I said above and the fact that he acts totally patronizing, sexist and idiotic, but here it is portrayed as sexy, I guess. Astrid says that they’re going to kill both Aiden and Vivian and pretend they “did what they had to do. This book is wrong on so many levels chooclate I don’t know where to start, and I definitely don’t think it belongs in the teen section of the bookstore. She falls in love with a human boy, but is devastated when he is unable to accept her for cutis she is.

She had a family, a close one.

We’re not dealing with a girl of astounding intelligence here. Although she was a strong annettee, she was far from nice, far from decent. She longs for a normal life.

Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis Klause

Ulf admits that his mother Astrid and her new lover Rafe were setting Vivian up for the murders. I only really like them in Bitten and the Mercy Thompson series so perhaps my perception is unfair.

I think Vivian is such a strong, amazing heroine.

I can’t adequately express how awful scenes like this are, and how surprised I am that more people are not taken aback by the book’s content and writing.

But among her own kind this is not the case, especially in the scene shortly before the fight where klakse character of Astrid was described to be looking like a child next to the huge males in line.

Looking for beautiful books? However, she does not dare tell them her secret, for fear they will react badly and put the pack in danger once again. But the book never brings that up, it downright excuses his violent behavior and sexist attitudes. I really liked this bookI thought it was muchmuch cirtis than the other one I’ve read by her The Silver Kiss.


Chodolate main character is strong, powerful, and has a genuine path to self actualization and independence. Dec 23, Andre rated it did not like it Shelves: Gabriel makes blodo clear that he wants her, but will not force her into what she does not want. Do we not take simple comforts for all t I read Blood and Chocolate when I was 14 but it’s stayed with me since. As an adult, I found her irritating and not sympathetic at all.

Very little of Klause’s original storyline, characters and plot points are maintained in the adaptation. Notice I said things in both categories. Mar 05, Mariel rated it it was ok Recommends it for: The way ane Vivian has to cutris who she really is and what she is capable of made me have a little more sympathy when reading this one.

Vivian’s father, the pack leader, killed Axel for endangering the pack, but Vivian pleaded with him to spare the lives of the other teenagers. Sadly, we haven’t progressed much. As if this misogynistic treatment of hers is not enough she is physically and mentally a total stereotype. Astrid still holds a grudge against Vivian for winning Gabriel and ripping out her eye in the process, and Rafe was mad at her for dating a human instead of him.

Blood and Chocolate annnette you to get into a young werewolf’s mind, how she struggles to choose between sweet blood and comforting chocolate.

Oct 08, karen rated it really liked it Shelves: