Yes, Choki Motobu, the notorious Karate master/former street fighter (or thug if you And Motobu was, after all, the descendant of the sixth son of the Okinawan . Choki Motobu – In Japan there is a phrase, Jissen, which is used to distinguish real martial arts from what has been referred to as ‘garden party’ Karate. Master Choki Motobu: A Real Fighter by Graham Noble. Posterity has not treated all the old karate masters equally. Some have had their praises sung many.

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It came just four years after Funakoshi produced the first published book on karate.

– Choki Motobu: Through The Myth To the Man – Part 2

Several guests immediately stood up and scolded the former student for being so rude. Several judoka and wrestlers sought him out to learn fighting skills. He may have even been at the event, but somehow I get the impression that he was not an eyewitness.

It needed quite a bit of detective work chhoki track this down and I must thank Mr. Motobu learned from Itosu before Itosu had fully developed the Pinans, a time when the katas were still practiced in their prototype form. One can not use continuous attacks against true Karate.

The contents of this symposium were covered in a series of three newspaper articles titled Listen to the “Real Fighting Stories” of the Venerable Martial Artist Motobu Choki. It was quite a common practice in the old days to begin a student training with Naihanchi kata and only when he mastered it to a degree considered sufficient was a new form taught. Motobu originally studied karate with the famous Ankoh Itosuthe leading master of Shuri-te.


Choki and his two brothers would often hit the makiwara and practice karate by imitation cboki at a very early age.

Motobu is quoted by Nakasone Genwa as describing a visit to Itosu Sensei Itosu was perhaps the most famous karate teacher of his time as follows: Move To Japan In Iwai ; other sources sayperhaps in an effort to find greener pastures, Motobu moved with his family to the city of Osaka on mainland Japan.

He was at a comparable disadvantage to the like of Gichen Funakoshi, an educator, who spoke Japanese and was well versed in Japanese social skills.

He looked like an amateur. Motobu stood up and followed closely behind. Another source Choso Nakama quoted in the book, “Okinawa Karate” by Mark Bishop recounted that Motobu had at cgoki just dodged the boxer. InChoki sensei published his second book, Watashi no karate-jutsu.

– Choki Motobu: Through The Myth To the Man – Part 1

The true feelings motohu Motobu and Funakoshi may never truly be known. This publication error increased the bitter rivalry between the two men, and led to an apparent confrontation. It is recorded that he traveled to Hawaii in March of and encountered visa problems.

They interviewed the master about his practical form of jissen and his personal experiences. Goroku” by Hashihiko Nakata Motobu’s book was just to opposite. Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.

Interviews with Respected Elder Bushi, Choki Motobu Regarding Real Self-Defense – (Jissen) Episodes

Motobu was notobu by several prominent individuals, including boxing champ “Piston” Horiguchi, to begin teaching. I did not fight seriously during the first round and we took a break. His attacks were directed not only to the face and midsection, but also to the groin striking with the knee or foot, or grabbing the testicles and knees with stamping kicks. Soon after Choki returned to Osaka, he obtained a job as a security guard.


Then a riot broke out! I didn’t have a chance to fight that day, so I went back there the next day. As the contestants entered the arena a cry arose from the crowd. Today, Watashi no karate-jutsu is considered the primary document regarding the history of karate. Motobu Sensei’s favorite Kata was the Naifanchin kata another pronunciation of Niahanchi.

Check here if you would like to receive our newsletter. Itosu said to me, “Matsumora is a trully great cyoki. It was flat or open hand hirate in the old days. I am also deeply grateful to Kenji Tokitsu, the leading authority on Japanese karate history in Europe, who made a translation of the article.

According to an account of the fight from a King magazine article, Motobu is said to have entered into a challenge match with a foreign boxer, described as a Russian boxer or strongman.

This happened when I was mtobu years old.