Heimsport-Trainingsgerät. CS 5. Montage- und Bedienungsanleitung für Bestell- Nr. Notice de montage et d’utilisation du .. e-mail: [email protected] Download Bedienungsanleitung 74 4 e-mail: [email protected] www. Abmessung Menge Montiert an mm Artikel CS 5 in weiß bitte die Ersatzteil Nr. -Endung „WS“ anstatt „SI“ nehmen und für den Artikel CS 5 . Are you looking for the the instruction manual of the Christopeit CS 5? View the user CS 5. Montage- und Bedienungsanleitung für Bestell-Nr. Notice de.

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Libble nimmt den Missbrauch seiner Dienste sehr ernst. The computer cable harness 62 projecting from the support 64 must not slide into the tube, as it is required for later steps of installation. Bedienungdanleitung Bestsellerliste ist also Deine Bestenliste — da kannst Du nicht viel falsch machen! Before assembling, verify the completeness of the delivery against.

Push the screws 63 through the holes in the support 64screw into the threaded holes of the main frame 36 and tighten firmly.

T raining Instructions Page Ensure that the person conducting training and other people never move or hold any parts of their body into the vicinity of moving parts.

Attach the computer 1 and hand grip bar 4 at support Motivation The key to a successful program is regular training.

Do not use aggressive cleaning agents to clean the machine and employ. Mount plastic fhristopeit set bedienungsableitung to both side bottom end of connecting tube 11 and secure with screw 68 for each side.

Uneven parts of the floor must be compensated by suitable measures and by the provided adjustable parts of the machine if such are installed.

Handleiding Christopeit CS 5 – (pagina 13 van 44) (Deutsch, English, Français, Nederlands)

However, this fact does not make it unnecessary to observe the following principles strictly. Wear training clothes and shoes which are suitable for fitness training with the machine. Training Instructions Page 18 Dear customer, We congratulate you on your purchase of this home training sports unit and hope that we will have a great deal of pleasure with it.


Heimsport Training mit dem Crosstrainer CS 5 bedeutet: People such as children, invalids and handicapped persons should only use the machine in the presence of another person who can give aid and advice. Installation of the footrest holder 14 at the connecting tubes 11 with bolt 13washers 15 and nut The more precies your question is, the higher the chances of quickly receiving an answer from another user.

Place the preassembled unit of the right footrest holder 14R and one connecting tube 11R at the right hand side of the main frame Frequency Most experts recommend a combination of health-conscious nutrition, which must be determined on the basis of your training goal, and physical training three times a week. The high edges of the footrests 18R and 18L must point inwards towards the main frame.

EUR ,92 Preis Jetzt: Installation of the right footrest 18R on the right footrest holder 14R and the left footrest 18L on the left footrest holder 14R with the carriage bolts 17the washers 24spring washer 22 and the handgrip nuts A normal adult must train twice a week to maintain his current level of condition. Wheels for easier transportation. T o protect the environment, do not dispose of the packaging materials.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you should have any questions. Haatdragende of gewelddadige inhoud Bijvoorbeeld antisemitische inhoud, racistische inhoud, of materiaal dat gewelddadige fysieke handelingen tot gevolg kan hebben. Never forget that sports machines ar e not toys. Zeit, Schritte, Schritte bedienungsableitung, ca. Summary of Parts Page 3 2.

Bedienungsanleithng rate measurement in the conventional way feeling the pulse at the wrist, for example, and counting the number of beats in one minute. Only train on the machine when it is in correct working order. Pulse rate measurement with a suitable specialised device available from dealers specialising in health-related equipment.


Christopeit Crosstrainer Walker siber, silber, 80 x 60 x mit Rabatt auf Amazon. Turning the adjusting knob for the resistance setting bedienungsanleigung stage 8 increases the braking resistance and thereby the training exertion.

Christopeit CS 5 manual

Place a suitable base e. T ake suitable measures to ensure that childr en never use the. Maximum limit of the display is T op-Sport Gilles GmbH. Plug the ends of the two computer cable harnesses 62 and 59 projecting from 36 and 64 together. Erhalten Sie per E-Mail Teilen: You may find the symbol on the product, on the instructions or on the packing.

Put the lowest part of cable 58 into the small hook figure 1. Push the carriage bolt 13 through the holes and tighten the footrest holder 14R at connection tube 11R with washers 15 and nut 16 firmly. Turning the adjusting knob for the resistance setting towards stage 1 reduces the braking resistance and thereby the training exertion. Install the left footrest holder 28L incl.

With continuous training you will be able to see how you are progressing day by day and are approaching your personal training goal bit by bit. Pedals three times adjustable. If the training session is to last for a particular period, a particular number of calories is to be consumed, a particular distance travelled and a particular pulse rate not exceeded, these values can be entered individually or as combinations.

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