The United States believes that it alone pursues and indicts war criminals; nothing in its political or journalistic culture allows for the fact that it. The Trial of Henry Kissinger has ratings and reviews. Greg said: Henry Kissinger is a bad bad man, and Christopher Hitchens sets out to prove i. Christopher Hitchens and The Trial of Henry Kissinger: A Response to. Lawrence Douglas. BY RONALD EDSFORTH. Christopher Hitchens begins TheTrial of.

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They remind me of, if you’ve ever read Tolkien and remember the Wormtongue character. I like Hitch but reading this right after some David Foster Wallace really reinforced for me the opinion that Hitch’s writing is a bit tedious and hard to get through. Published June 17th by Verso first published As a skeptically-minded person, I cannot accept the totality of these arguments at face value which is entirely a product of my own ignorance on the subjecthowever Hitchens has certainly taught me to approach the topic of Kissinger with a very large dose of cynicism.

Ignore your religious beef with Hitch and see the reality of the USA’s policies i A lot of people avoid Hitchens because of his “New Atheist” associations.

Books of the Week. And now that’s he’s 88, it’s far too likely that Kissinger will meet a natural death before he meets justice.

A marvelous evisceration of the loathsome Dr K by Christopher Hitchens, convincingly making the case that said Dr should be indicted for war crimes and indeed there are ksisinger out for his arrest in some European countries. In the name of innumerable victims, it is time for justice to take a hand. In Kissingers case he was an agent of the Rockefellers. The force of the book is political and moral.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens

Dec 09, David M added it. Narrative is shaped by the dominant, and the US pretends it is a moral authority. Sep 07, Edward rated it liked it Shelves: Kissinger undermined peace efforts in Chrostopher before Nixon came to power, authorised – and indeed pushed for gratutious, spiteful acts of murder in Indochina against the Cambodian and Loas civillian population, had a hand in the kidnap and assassination of democratically elected heads of state and the establishment of brutally repressive and murderous military dictatorships including a policy of arms support for Indonesia’s East Timor massacre and ensure that he was personally to profit from shady deals cloaked benry the guise of diplomacy.


Chriwtopher anyone read this book and what were your thoughts? Hitchens was a polemicist and intellectual.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger by Christopher Hitchens

Sep 14, Matt Heavner rated it it was ok. The problem is, the information presented does not confirm or, in the case of the Kissenger’s alleged involvement in the murder of Greek journalist Elias Demetracopoulos, even support the allegations made.

Instead he makes it personal. There are some great stories of the Nixon White House, including the time when Nixon was going crazy at the end of the Watergate saga and had to be restrained by the Secret Service as he ran crazed around the White House. Hitchens racks up the evidence for the motion that Kissinger was not the great National Security Adviser that the public saw, but rather a crook, a bully, and a selfish thug of the highest degree. The book takes the form of a prosecutorial document, as Hitchens limits his critique to such charges as he believes might stand up in an international court of law following precedents set at Nuremberg and elsewhere.

This is a bad man who broke the law and should go to jail. The fact that Kissinger most likely intentionally extended the Vietnam war in in order to defeat Herbert Humphrey and bring Richard Nixon to power, thereby needles This book is a very fast, very fluid read about the foreign policy and possible war crimes of Henry Kissinger.

Mar 23, Mike Porter rated it really liked it Shelves: The book paints a condemning picture overall, however I can’t help but wonder if some parts may be somewhat overstated. What I will allow myself is the title of a citizen of the United States, and this position affords me the right to criticize figures in politics when they have performed or become implicated in heinous actions.


Books by Christopher Hitchens. Oct 07, Mr.


Jan 19, Jeremy rated it it was ok Shelves: Apr 27, Timothy Urban rated it really liked it. View all 3 comments. This book is a very fast, very fluid read about the foreign policy and possible war crimes of Henry Kissinger.

I read this years ago, along with Seymour Hersh’s book and Chomsky’s copious writings on Kissinger. If you decide to read this it will disturb you, for Kissinger has never been held accountable by any investigation into his role.

Jan 26, James Mackay rated it really liked it. In all, the book does all it can with the small pages it has the book is a very, rrial past read.

This isn’t hiychens book for the layperson; it presupposes not only a thorough knowledge of American foreign policy circabut also at least a somewhat nominal knowledge of various players, narratives and counter-narratives in places like east timor, cyprus, greece, chile, vietnam, etc.

Its a shock that no action was taken despite the many evidences which this books presents, plus the ones that are locked away in the Library of Congress.

I’m glad Hitchens had the guts to write this book and I hope that one day, justice will rightfully be administered onto the slime that is Henry Kissinger. A monster rendered powerless, like Slobodan Praljak, is put to trial; his only escape is suicide. An exhilarating read, though one that makes you kissinged angry, not only at Dr K’s hitchems amorality but at the fact that this highly intelligent, extremely powerf A marvelous evisceration of the loathsome Dr K by Christopher Hitchens, convincingly making the case that said Dr should be indicted for war off and indeed there are warrants out for his arrest in some European countries.

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