View and Download ClearOne XAP installation & operation manual online. Audio Conferencing System. XAP Conference System pdf manual. XAP – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: FAQs XAP Frequently Asked Questions ~ Software/Configuration ~ Firmware ~ Echo Cancellation ~ Installation ~ Audio Performance ~ Presets ~ Expansion Bus .

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ClearOne XAP User Manual | pages

Page Matrix Mixer A mixer that allows routing of any input or combination of inputs to an output or any combination of outputs. The unit shall be set up and operated with intuitive software that allows complete configuration of the system. If you are using the default settings, no configuration is necessary. Select the file that matches the type of unit you are upgrading and click Open.

Crossover A device that passes designated frequency segments of an audio signal to various loudspeaker elements in a sound system. The unit shall have an internal power supply that automatically adjusts between VAC of power input. Limits — Section 2: See Appendix D for a list of accessories. There are three state options: Using the Virtual Reference window, you can select which signals will be used by the four Virtual Reference points in this preset configuration.

From the Preset Selection list, select the number of the Can I run presets from the front panel of a ClearOne unit?

What is a virtual reference? Select the network position you want to use.

If the upgrade requires you to save your site files, a warning message will display. If the unit does not detect the typical 24 volts to 48 volts from the telco line, the hybrid unit will not stay on. Pinouts No connection avoid communication errors.

If you want to password protect this preset, click Protected. Adaptive Ambient This portion of the mixer monitors the varying ambient noise level in the room and changes the threshold level at which a microphone gates on. To resolve this issue, log on as the administrator and re-install G-Ware. Some of the popular products and solutions offered include premium conferencing, tabletop conferencing, personal conferencing, AV distribution and control, conferencing microphones and media carts.


Any input can be routed to any output or multiple outputs. You can also create custom labels by clicking on the current labels. The unit shall be set up and operated with intuitive software that allows complete configuration of the system. Use NLP with care; corresponding trade-offs can include suppression and half-duplex operation. When I change an output label in a preset and save the preset, the new label is not saved.

You have two of the same type units with the same device ID. Unless otherwise specified, all measurements are performed with a 22 Hz to 22kHz BW limit no weighting Frequency Response: If you experience problems with this equipment, contact ClearOne Communications, Research Way, Salt Lake City, Utahor by phone at for repair and warranty information. If an incoming call is answered while it is ringing, it could cause the hybrid null to improperly converge and leak Send Audio to the Caller Audio.

Then you would set that unit to Master. Page 6 Using the XAP The unit shall have front panel control of gain and mute for inputs, outputs, and processing channels. Note that as you Phantom power is an auxiliary power source to power certain types of microphones.

A given compressor group must be configured for a single XAP unit; manuao group cannot use compressors from multiple XAP units. All the linked units must know which unit and channel has the summed audio for echo canceling.

ClearOne XAP 400 Professional Conferencing

Plug the power cable back in. Selecting baud rate Click Next. With eight microphone inputs, a microphone mixer, echo and noise cancellation, advanced audio processing and filters, it manages microphones and speakers, as well as local and auxiliary audio.


To compare the settings in a connected site, click on the G-Ware Connections tab and select the unit or site. This opens the Remote Builder window. The Use in Preset selection box is available only when you open the Remote Builder from the Preset Mode and allows you to create customized control for the current preset.

Bandwidth establishes the difference between the upper and lower points of a When multiple units are linked together, all microphones should typically be sensing the same audio for echo canceling.

ClearOne comm Stereo System XAP User Guide |

Unknown command A command was executed on a different device type that this box response Numbers that are already assigned to macros will be marked with an asterisk. Contact the telephone company or those responsible for the PBX system. Clearonw a modem password. The password will be required before control of the system is allowed.

When using Windows NT,or XP, you must log on as the administrator before attempting to install xqp. The Cross Point celarone menu also allows you to copy and paste the current Cross Point configuration, including attenuation, to other cross points.

The XAP combines a highly advanced Page 0, 3, 6, 9, 12 Null to return current state Example: Note that the level control you have selected for the cross point is indicated numerically in the matrix. Warranty Manufacturer shall not be liable for punitive, consequential, or incidental damages, expenses, or loss