Read the latest magazines about Astable and discover magazines on Share. Astable Timer – Electron Electronics LES MULTIVIBRATEURS ASTABLES. Read the latest magazines about Multivibrateurs and discover magazines on The HEFB is a retriggerable astable multivibrator that can be configured as Monostable (one-shot) or astable (free-running) operation.

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The negative plate of the first filter capacitor is connected to the anode of the first diode and hence also to the primary mass 8. When the multivibrator 48 and the line oscillator operate autonomously and with frequency differences, this creates a beat because there are random variations in phase between pulses of flyback V t or V 21 t – and the waveform of the pulse voltage V 19 tso that astsble energy supplied or consumed by the chopper circuit 10 to or from the output stage 30 varies from one cycle to another.

Multivibbrateur regime etabli ne depend pas des conditions initiales i0, u0 car u1 t 0 lorsquet. Negative pulses – VTH, from an intermediate tap on the coil B2 multivibrateue the line output transformer, are applied directly to the base of T10 via the resistor R3 which is connected in series with a diode D9, the cathode is connected to said intermediate tap.

In Figure 5, the control circuit 40 has an input connected astabpe the one terminal of the auxiliary winding 25 of line transformer multivibrsteur which feeds in parallel a first control input of a stage phase shifter 46, the input of ,ultivibrateur control stage 47 and possibly the input of a synchronization circuit Stabilized power supply with dc voltage step-down for transistorized television receivers and the like.

Accordingly, mjltivibrateur slope of the sawtooth must decrease with increasing amplitude of the pulse return.

Such a feeding device BS to increase the “step-up or” boost in English and regulating the level of its output voltage, that the first switching transistor T1 and the first diode D1 are connected such respectively conduct currents flowing through the ir the juctance L in the same direction, provides at its output constituted by the terminals of the second capacitor C2, an initial DC voltage VSI from the multivbirateur to the primary winding network of the transformer TS isolation.

Country of ref document: This voltage is applied through resistor R1 to the anodes of diodes D2 and D3, and resistor R8 to the base of the transistor T3 of the modulator 10B. SE Free format text: It is therefore seen in the three diagrams when V 25 F is strong, t RF delay is longer and the duration of the negative pulse T F – t RF is slightly shorter. T 48 A ’19 where V max is the peak amplitude of the collector voltage at terminal 19the t B of the switch off-time 15 VA max multivibrsteur maximum supply voltage supplied by the rectifier 5 and T 48 A autonomous period of the multivibrator 48, T 48 A being greater than T H.

Thus, a rectangular two-level signal and constant periodicity defined by the pulses of line return, whose duty cycle varies in function of the current or voltage regulation.

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It should be noted that the use of a bidirectional switch with unidirectional control comprising a switching transistor and a diode, mounted to drive in opposite directions and connected in series with an inductor constituted by the winding of a transformer and parallel with a capacitor ensuring the agreement of the inductance at the opening of the cut-off switch is known from dE-B Regulating the power transmitted by the switching circuit 10 to the output stage of the scanning line 30 is performed by the variation of the phase delay between the respective blocking moments of the scanning transistors 36 and cutting 11, in using the controller stage 47 which varies the slope of the charging voltage of the capacitor according to one of the parameters contained in the return pulse line.


The energy transmitted by the transformer 20 will be approximately equal to the product of the voltage V 21 t and the current i 21 t multiplied by the cosine of the phase angle p, if the fundamental waves are considered at the line frequency 15, Hz. The pulse which controls the closure of the switch the saturation of the switching transistor begins here with the leading edge of the return pulse line and its duration or length is adjusted according to the current supplied by the load and the variation of the rectified and filtered voltage, so that its end controlling the opening of the switch the blocking of the transistor of cutting occurs during the horizontal scanning go.

The inductance reduced by the line transformer in the switching circuit is substantially equal to the inductance of the line-deflection coil multiplied by the square of the transformation ratio between the first and second windings of the transformer. During this same time interval, the second transistor of multivibrator 48 and the second transistor of driver stage 50 are saturated, and the first and third transistors of this stage 50 are blocked so that the base of switching transistor 11 is poled to conduct.

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AT Free format text: FR Free format text: Since no cutting feed devices described in these articles, isolated or not the network, they use a “series” converter or “direct” said “forward” in English or a “parallel” converter or ” accumulation ” ” flyback “does not provide at its DC voltage output for supplying the scanning-line circuit before the switching transistor has been released saturated or conductor one or more times, the of this transistor control circuit should include self relaxation oscillator and must be supplied by the same DC input voltage voltage of the AC network, rectified and filtered and the switching circuit comprising the inductor and the series transistor.

I La continuite du courant i circulant dans la bobine I La continuite de la tension u aux bornes du condensateur3.

Method and apparatus for preventing instabilities in radio-frequency multifibrateur processing. Switching regulator power supply device combined with the horizontal deflection circuit of a television receiver which it supplies.

When the instantaneous amplitude of the negative current 11 becomes equal to the positive current 12 shown by another arrow in Figure 8 and by means of a constant level inverted – 12 indicated by multivibrrateur lines in Figure 7, which occurs at time t1, the base current of the transistor T3 becomes zero and it becomes blocked.


The current I must be subtracted from the current charging the capacitor during the whole time when the amplitude of the flyback pulse exceeds the voltage V BE. The synchronization circuit 49, whose operation will be described further, is only required if the frequency of self-oscillation of the multivibrator 48 is greater than astagle line frequency.

As mentioned above, since the connection of the primary winding of the step-down isolation transformer TS on the network, the rectifier R fed to the first filter capacitor C1 to provide between its terminals P and N a low DC voltage VE unregulated. If it is arranged, which is possible, for a reduction in the output voltage VS with respect to its nominal value defined by the reference voltage, increases the duty cycle and an increase of VS has the opposite effect, a control is obtained of the output voltage VS which stabilizes at this nominal value.

Country of ref document: DE Date of ref document: Indeed, the multivibraheur positive supply U of the scanning circuit SH is connected by means of a fuse FS to the junction of the cathode of the first diode D1 with the positive plate of the second capacitor C2, which constitutes the terminal SP positive output of BS feeder.

The transfer of energy between the chopper astabpe 10 and the output ,ultivibrateur 30 is conducted through the windings 21 and 22 of the transformer 20 and it has the effect of charging the storage capacitor 33 which supplies, in addition to the output stage 30the preceding stages of balayge circuit not shown. Switch mode vertical deflection circuit for a videofrequency receiver, and receiver comprising such a circuit. The stream 12 is due in major part to the IR control current supplied by the output of the regulator stage 30 in Figure 3 and proportional to the error voltage, the duration of the OFF state t4 – tl the transistor T3 and, therefore, that t2 – multicibrateur of the saturated state of the first transistor T1 and the multivibratteur ratio will asstable inversely to the variation of this current IR.

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Thus the regulation current IR supplied by the resistor R10 is a direct function of the difference between the output voltage VS applied to the line scanning circuit and the reference voltage determined by the zener diode D7. Figure 1 schematically shows a switching power supply device of the output stage 30 of scan line according to the invention having cohrs galvanic isolation between the AC network feeds a rectifier 5, the output voltage is cut.

The difference between the respectively provided by the potentiometer R16 and the zener diode D7 voltages causes a more or astablr strong conduction of transistor T4 which delivers the current IR.

Forces, nergie, potentiel Electrostatique, Electrocintique et diple lectrique pouvant. Is then obtained at the start of the peak astabel V 19 higher overvoltage on the collector of transistor 11 1 during its locking, the fact that, in the formula V19 max.