digiKam logo digiKam is a Photo Management Application with support for Digital Cameras. Follow the instructions below, if you don’t have a dedicated user account and a digiKam database already set up. Run the commands in MySQL server (after. digiKam bills itself as a digital photo management application, but it offers much more. We show you how to get started with this cool tool.

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KML Export Tool Comments in the theme are done by using common XML markers to include comments.

Install DigiKam pdf manual ???

Now you are looking for an easy way to generate an overview of all pictures ever taken of animals. In the checkbox at the top you can enable or disable Non-Destructive Editing and Versioning.

Adjust the settings in Create Image Galleries to your needs, using the various submenus. Now we can match the results of these last two steps. This can be renaming, converting, resizing, and much more. Note A small warning here, for the few curious that have read the man pages of Dcraw, the author says that 5 is the compromise, 0 is solid white and 1 unclip.

An Over Exposed Photograph 2. Google Services Export Tool Use this tool to do some basic image editing on the images you just downloaded from your camera. Template Superimpose Just as you can superimpose any text on your image, you can also digokam ready-made templates to create funny greeting cards, posters and the like. Select all manua to download from the camera by pressing the left mouse button or clicking digikm photographs with Ctrl pressed.

At the bottom on the right there is a box for setting the exact path in case of a serial port. For security reasons you should also check, that only root has write permissions on each file. To make your application run fast and smoothly, it is recommended to check and optimize your databases once in awhile. Leave the window with Manal. Distribution package If you installed digiKam using your distribution package, language files should be included with it and you can run digiKam in any supported language.


The albums can be sorted by directory layout, by collection name set in the album properties, or by the date that the albums were first created this date can also be changed in the properties of each album. This manuql tells you what are the requirements and what mqnual have to do.

Author title synonymous with By-line title: A dialog box like this will maunal. After determining the size of your crop selection, optionally apply compositional ditikam to it. Determine which part of your collection should be archived by selecting albums or tags in Collection and click Next. Digikam provides several export options that help you archive and publish your personal image collections. Un-checking all three of them renders the Image Quality Sorter useless, of course.

If a photographer is working for a news agency such as Reuters or the Associated Press, these organizations digiiam be listed here as they are “providing” the image for use by others.

Normalize Colors Correction Preview 3. Select all images to download from the camera by pressing the left mouse button or by clicking individual images with Ctrl pressed, or by using one of the select modes provided by the Images menu at the bottom of the download window.

Color Balance Depending on the lighting conditions under which an image was taken or the quality of an image scan, the colors may appear somehow out of balance. An Under Exposed Photograph 2. On the right side, the options permit to customize other properties to show over and below the icon thumbnail, as the file mime-type, the title, the caption, and the labels.


Note The default settings can be easily restored by clicking on the update buttons to the right of each category. The top part shows a list of the already existing templates. Invert Invert the color values.

digiKam Configuration

In the early versions of digiKam the Image Editor was just a viewer for photographs, but it is rapidly developing into a very useful photo manipulation tool.

Set the title and appearance of your HTML gallery. Set the filter manal on your own. Just as you can superimpose any text on your image, you can also apply ready-made templates to create funny greeting cards, posters and the like. Warning Note that all the changes you made to the templates will only be stored in the template file if you exit the settings dialog with OK!

maunal Proceed similarly with all other albums and images. You can as well type in a new title for the edited template and save the new version with the Add To enter digiKam’s viewing or editing mode, right-click an image thumbnail digikan select View or Edit from the context menu. If the image is a stock photograph, then the group agency involved in supplying the image should be listed here.

Normally your camera is not automatically mounted in PTP mode, but can be accessed through digiKam.