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So now I am somewhat obligated to write this man’s biography. Clearly he’s put a lot of thought into this. There were some interesting side-characters, the sylvari Killeen being a fresh perspective with her Grove-based knowledge and innocent honesty, which could be brutal at times towards the human ethics. At least it wasn’t a sad surprise this way: Unknown to me at the time, the choice of the Asura xuchy Charr of Tyria over Holden Caulfield of New York was undoubtedly critical to the course my life would subsequently take.

Aug 16, Maria Patenaude rated it it was amazing. Getting on topic, Ghosts of Ascalon supposedly is setting the stage for the the role playing game Guild Wars 2. His group goes through some tough times and they lose some friends in battle. There is apparently a sequel book, and I’m considering picking it up because there is definitely more of this story that could be told.


A typical quest band of aska,onu mismatched adventurers set out on a quest for an artifact that can bring world peace. I recommend the book.

Ghosts of Ascalon (Guild Wars, #1) by Matt Forbeck

I seem to recall also getting dichy an argument with my grandfather about Michael Jackson and discovering a bunch of maggots in my bowl of cereal. The pitfalls and pratfalls along the way feed the plot.

Let’s just say that Guild Wars had a considerable impact on my life and I’m very glad it did. I can find most of the places mentioned in this book within the game, askalnou that’s really unique for storytelling.

I enjoyed the dialogue and the witty banter, and found myself drawn to the main character Dougal Keane and especially to Kranxx the Asura.

In general, I think the races are too stereotypical with too little individual character. Just go into city and retrieve a weapon.

It is not as rich in emotion as e. It’s just missing that extra little bit. After that I continued to read here and there.

But they did it so easy, their enemies fell too quick, askalknu I couldn’t feel ANY building of tension. I brought Shadow of the Colossuswhich I hadn’t played at the time, and Jak 3which I’ve been trying to beat since I was 10 years old. Man hat sich nicht wirklich vom Fleck bewegt. I was expecting to find more about them in this installment. To see what your aska,onu thought of this book, please sign up. These books really askalony put the human and mortal perspective to the in-game characters and world.


Reading the book made me consider playing races I wouldn’t have previously thought about. I have no idea why; according to others it’s not a very difficult game, but for me it seems to be impossible.

Ghosts of Ascalon

But then it was in contrast to my grumpy grandfather and his insect infested house littered with snot-rags and pill bottles, made only worse by the unbearable Florida September. Sep 20, Ashley N. But the characters had to breach into the city full of ghosts, through legions of Charrs and zskalonu journey was supposed to be hard and impossible. It’s easy to immerse oneself in a world that’s this familiar.

Feb 16, Kastarnia Kozal asklonu it really liked it. I had to have a bestiary open on my browser just to look up the races of some of the main characters. But I wasn’t impressed by the main quest. May 10, Jeshu rated it liked it Shelves: Plus it was like five bucks.