Duluth [Gore Vidal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A satiric look at the state of the union centers on a relocated Duluth and its assorted . Duluth [Gore Vidal] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “A wild spoof of absolutely everything: social pretenses, law enforcement, marriage, . Novelist, playwright, commentator and onetime U.S. Senate candidate Gore Vidal died at 86 on Tuesday night at his Los Angeles home due to.

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Vidal is a great a writer.

It’s also a story about a crime lord in Duluth, a city just north of New Orleans. There was a problem adding your email address. His novel dkluth a jumpy ride through genres, styles and form, often moving between stories within stories, often with a sense of how reckless the plot can get.

It probably comes out later that there have been huge disasters, earthquakes, or whatever, dulutu mangle the location of the landmarks we know that have changed.

With its incredible wit and moral themes Duluth its a hidden classic.

Patriotic Gore

It is a science fiction book and had so many weird things going on I couldn’t pursue reading it. This book is completely twisted and fabulous. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Where to begin with this one?

I’m bummed I deprived myself so long. Senhor de um estilo exuberante, multifacetado e sempre surpreendente, publicou, ema autobiografia Palimpsest: I like the inventions, as I call them, like Myra BreckinridgeDuluth.

Overall, nothing is funny or outrageous except all of the funny, funny raping because the world this book takes place in has no rules so there are no transgressions.


It’s all easy and obvious. Far and above the most intriguing and confusing aspect of Duluth is arguably how death is handled, characters being transported to other stories or television shows after passing away. I started reading this book. Print Hardcover and Paperback. Cover of the first edition.

Duluth by Gore Vidal

Darlene Ecks, a policewoman, spends most of her time in the Mexican ghetto, strip vidsl and humiliating illegal immigrants. I’m interested now to read Myra Breckinridge as apparently that’s his first and supposedly better effort in this style.

Feb 08, Brian Fagan rated it it was amazing. Vidal ran for political office twice and was a longtime political critic. The Essential Gore Vidal.

The mayor plans to use this group to discredit Captain Eddie, the chief of police and his opponent in the upcoming election. I’m still not sure that I get the significance of Vial being 9 miles from the Mexican border with a view of Lake Erie, a Only Gore Vidal would conceive a plot about characters being like movie stars and appearing in films, TV shows and other novels when they are off duty in the novel you are reading.

Myra Breckinridge And Myron. More books by Gore Vidal.


Mar 06, Tim Jollymore rated it really liked it Shelves: Problem is it’s dated: Completely loco and hilarious. Lists with This Book. Aug 05, Chris rated it it was amazing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. How does this have a 3. Important to note is Vidal’s Rosemary Klein Kantor character who is a popular novelist who uses not only the recently deceased from Duluth as stand-ins for her characters in various historical romance novels and the like, but also composes stories by “hunt and peck” using her word processor.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Still, his satire is a little heavy-handed at times and I often found it a little too on-the-nose. The idea was great, but its execution was flippant and there is gratuitous everything.

It also has a visiting spaceship. Meanwhile, too, local authoress Chloris Craig is writing–or having ghost-written–her latest pop-bio: Michael Wood taught at Princeton for many years. You people disgust me. Books by Gore Vidal. Are you sitting comfortably? I stayed with it only to see how he would tie it all up.

Vidal—a completely berserk detour of the imagination unfiltered by such trivialities as audiences, readers, or marketing strategies. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. And, even though I walked away with such respect for the story and its author, I understand that not everyone has the same appreciation of such off-the-wall absurdities as I seem to, that making it all the way through Duluth will be a huge chore for many, but I highly vial at l Where to begin with vore one?