Consult Esaote’s entire O-Scan – Brochure catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ The O-scan retains Esaote’s tradition for outstanding image quality, imaging simplicity and user friendliness. The system features a very compact magnet with . “The introduction of the expanded range of O-scan Extremity MRI Systems Esaote will be exhibiting the O-scan Premium and O-scan Light at.

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This page uses cookies. It represents the ideal response to today’s healthcare requirements: AS Federated States of Micronesia: Visiting this web site, you approve the use of cookies.

O-scan, Breaking Traditional Barriers O-scan designed for high through-put in Radiological settings and Orthopedic practices. It offers maximum patient comfort, no claustrophobia, and runs from a standard wall plug.

In accordance with this directive, Esaote has classified it as Class IIa devices. DCS – Dsaote – from release 1. Visiting this web site, you approve the use of cookies.

Shorter examination time means eszote comfort for the patient and higher efficiency with pre-programmed protocols that simplify and speed up examination procedures.

Lesion of the collateral ligaments of the coffin joint Image 1: Functional assessment provides an additional tool to improve patient care in particular in high level sports medicine. The dorsal-lateral synovial pad is prominently seen as it is surrounded by fluid.


Visiting this web site, you approve o-ecan use of cookies. The most complete Pre-Purchase Examination PPE can esote be executed very effectively with the O-scan equine, to evaluate the musculoskeletal system, where most abnormalities such as conformational defects, previous injuries and surgical scars can be identified as well as current soundness.

G-scan Brio O-scan S-scan. DE District of Columbia: Overview Features insight Siting Economics Downloads Video O-scan is the extremity MRI of choice for sites that require high throughput, improved workflow and advanced applications.

O-scan equine – Esaote

The extremely low running costs make the O-scan an ideal system for smaller specialty practices and as a second unit next to a whole body K-scan. I agree More information.

Specifications subject to change without notice. O-scan does more in less space. O-scan retains Esaote’s tradition of outstanding image quality, throughput and friendly operation. Features O-scan boasts the following system features and capabilities: O-scan features a very compact magnet with comfortable patient chair and covers all limbs and joints such as the knee, calf, ankle, foot, hand, wrist, forearm and elbow. Site Information Copyright All Rights Reserved The information provided on this Website, including any video or brochure available on this Website, is for informational purposes and is not intended to provide specific medical advice or substitute for medical advice from a physician or other qualified medical professional.


From the day of delivery, the system is fully operational and ready to use after 2 weeks; 1 week of installation, set-up and tuning and 1 week of operating and application user training. I agree More information. The fastest track to diagnosis and treatment, with the O-scan equine installed in your surgery room. Functional assessment provides an additional tool to improve patient care in particular in high-level sports medicine.

Due to its low weight and extremely small 5 gauss footprint, O-scan can be installed in virtually any office or practice with ease.

Esaote O-Scan-MRI

o-acan Measurements and Reports The innovative design of the O-scan equine integrates a complete MRI system in one unique structure including RF shielding, with a low weight and extremely limited space needed for installation.

O-scan is a high performance system comprising the latest MRI technologies for advanced applications like MAR and high-resolution 3D acquisitions.

O-scan Introducing the star performer in MRI for extremities. With a user interface and protocols custom designed for extremity MRI, exams are fast and simple to perform. Request a Purchase Price.