Fritzel FB HF Beam. Read more.. Availability: Out of stock. Backorder possible . € This is not a stock item. Please send an email for expected delivery. Bei den Maßabweichungen schreibt Fritzel Elementlänge ±10mm und bei Abständen ±50mm ohne praktische Beam ist von FB FRITZEL FB Specifications, electrical, 20m-Band, 15m-Band, 10m-Band. Elements, active in band number, 3, 3, 3. Boom Length active for band in use λ.

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When I purchased it, it seemed that most of the hams around here had one. Hierbei verarbeiten wir, bzw. Like the beams from GB antennas, never again and from Fritzel or HyGain one of their 3 and more element beams.

IK3LMA wrote about this subject: If only the tip of the plastic coil form is applied with some frirzel grease you ensure that the construction remains “water resistant”.

The antenna tube for 20 m connected to 15 m trap is not removed. When the antenna is remounted you’re not the first to discover that the SWR is poor due to a wrong installed trap.

It’s about the traps with a diameter of 4 cm, not the newer type with a diameter of 5 cm. Shrink tubing as cover cap for 40 mm diameter traps. That has never happened during the more than 40 years that I did maintenance on the antennas.

Fritzle I found in my archives the lengths between the elements of an FB, whose production year is unknown to me.


Webshop voor o.a. radiozendamateurs Fritzel FB Leverancier van communicatie apparatuur

After some time the wires are covered with cobwebs and oxidation, especially against the vent of the outer tube. On that same tube I placed some small beams vertically for the same bands, 2 meter and 70 cm, keeping them at least a half wavelength from each other.

With back and forth motion the crystals works as sandpaper so you may manage it usually. It was about 10 years old when I bought it and it replaced the Cushcraft A3S. My Subscriptions Subscriptions Help. Drilling of the rivets and replaced by stainless steel bolts and nuts is the surest way to be spared from future malfunction of the traps. Can hear things like never before.

Oxidation created pits and bumps on the elements. I had it in the air 24 m for only 1 year and lost the beam in a storm. The traps are made with soft aluminium wire. ON4LN wrote to me: Rain and snow does not affect the SWR. For me, W does the job as the antenna sits at 30 meters ft. A couple of days later I bought a 24 feet 8 meter antenna tower with a manual hand winch to raise and lower it. Vice versa with the longer traps as used for the 40 meter band length 45 cm I have observed which the tube aren’t round but are oval.

Fritzel FB-33

If you want to replace the aluminium look for companies that provide fencing for farmers. With my call they offend other radio amateurs and people and accuse them of several things. If you have any questions about my antennafarm…. Assembling is much easier, because the holes are drilled and everything is fritzl with screws. Please note, that the Cushraft was about 20 years old and in a worse condition than the FB I have had 4 other HF yagi’s from 3 different brands before, but this is tops in build quality.


Three antennes were no problem for the stronger built tower but for my neighbours it was a ugly sight.

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If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions about Reviews, please email your Reviews Manager. Even a treatment with silicone spray works preservative on the coils and antenna rods. Only my director was available for measurement. My more than 35 years old Fritzel antenna gb33 look new after a thorough maintenance. Specs given by the manufacturer seem a litle exagerated though. They should assembled directed to the feed point fn33 the antenna.

New to Ham Radio? Unfortunately I never had a reflector so that the sizes are missing in this article. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. Servus, ich habe einen ca. Other publishers on the internet don’t advise cleaning with metal sponges because residual frtizel would cause a short circuit.