Reinhold Gliere – Composer – Russian Sailor’s Dance (“Yablochko”) from the ballet, “The Red Poppy” () – Music Sales Classical. transcribed by Janette Fishell A duet for two performers on one organ. This is the most famous dance from the Russian ballet Krasny mak (The Red Poppy). In a new arrangement for mature string groups, Gliere’s energetic dance movement again shows why it has become an icon of light classical programming for.

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Since the theme repeats itself, it is very easy to add variations and make each verse more and more complicated. Scene from The Red Poppya drawing on danfe Soviet postage stamp.

The Red Poppy – Wikipedia

The ballet takes place at a seaport in s-era Kuomintang China. Pre-Revolutionary Russian Songs – Yablochko. Budem rybu kormit’ Dane The first performance was on 14 June in the Bolshoi Theatre which at the time under Soviet rule had been renamed “1st People’s State Theatre for Opera and Ballet”.

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The Red Poppy, Op.70 (Glière, Reinhold)

This song is also a traditional Russian naval song, and is part of the Russian naval culture. The Captain of the Soviet Ship notices a group of half-starved, overworked coolies being brutally driven to work even harder by their cruel harbormaster. How does Russian Sailor’s Dance have meaning for people who live in Russia today?


Renamed The Red Flower to avoid the association with opiumthe number of scenes “tableaux” was dahce from 8 to According sailirs Teaching Damce Through Performance in Orchestra, “Articulations are well Marked in the score and must be accurately observed to elicit the Russian atmosphere of this programmatic composition based in nineteenth century romantic style” Allen, I think that it provides a connection to Russia for those no longer live there, and the sound is so distinctly Russian, with the accents, and the heavy marcato that Gliere writes in this piece that it is instantly recognizable as being Russian.

There have been four main versions of The Red Poppy.

The orchestra was led by Yuri Fayer. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Do not follow me, bourgeois, I am with Bolsheviks. Encyclopaedia Britannica – Reinhold Gliere.

Russian Sailor’s Dance

Retrieved from ” https: Unlike other composers of his time, like Rachmaninov, he stayed in Russia and adapted to the censorship of music imposed by the Russian Revolution. To turn text rudsian a link, highlight the text, then click on a page or file from the list above.


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InVasily Tikhomirov and Mikhail Kurilko staged an expanded version of the ballet. From Wikipedia, the free saliors. Pages Images and files Insert a link to a new page Loading Already have an account? Insert a link to a new page.

The Leningradsky Theatre of opera and ballet staged the ballet in in Leningradadding several dances to the production. Butler University Department of Dance. Issac, and Eliot del Borgo.

It is still sung, performed, and danced today. It is an example of Russian nationalism through music. How does the song live today for the people of and from that culture? Wilkings Junior High School. It does not talk about the traditional instruments used, or about the storyline of the ballet, “The Red Poppy,” where Russian Sailor’s Dance comes from.

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