the Name It, Claim It Game and the SPEC Technique by Helen Hadsell Helene was a good woman and she had great information. 2 Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game Contesting: The Name the first entry in his full name, Chris Vince Hadsell; for the second entry. Helen Hadsell. Books By Helen Hadsell. Most Popular Books Contesting: The Name It and Claim It Game: Wineuvers for Wishcraft. Helen Hadsell. from: N/A.

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A popcorn company was sponsoring a contest, asking children under fourteen years of age to draw an original picture of a popcorn man. I was not too concerned about which contest would make this possible. The card merely stated, “I named it and am now claiming it,” and her signature. If you have ever kept a track record of winners, be it in sports, art, literature, acting, and yes, even in contesting, you will find that most of the people win consistently.

I don’t mind boasting a bit here, because we were all quite proud of his workmanship and “WINgenuity. I did some serious thinking on that win. I was then escorted into the spotlight, and a huge box was placed before me.

You have not only performed a humanitarian duty, you have definitely improved upon my beauty. Anyway, this was the period Chris was going through.

Please send information to my email. They are not special people. You can con yourself into anything, by repeating it over and over again, until you incorporate it into your thinking.

Helene Hadsell and Her SPEC Technique

The moral of this experience is: If you only read one contesting book, this should be it! I suggest you play this mental game with yourself. This law was laid down for us centuries ago. It so happened I had a pound package of clajm gum on hand. My one entry was this: Paperbackpages. You might entertain the idea that he gets fired, or the higher boss gets wise to him as you have, hsdsell at last, you get the position you should have had all along.


Just going to the hospital to visit a friend made me sick to my stomach, perhaps I sensed the fear and pain.

eBook Name It and Claim It Game

Children’s contests are great to encourage family help. Any other wins, I wanted cash. Now surely you don’t think I was disappointed. A former neighbor had moved to sunny California and invited me to stay on, visit, and be her guest.

Now to me, that could be ‘The Livin’ Beginning. The promotion layout had this question: I am truly blown away…can this all be possible? You need never involve another to obtain your end result. After being wheeled into the emergency room for incoming patients, I lay on a cold table for an hour or more, while papers had to be signed, and until myturn came for a “look at.

In other words, I heene content with comforts like blankets, bicycles, and basics. I hadn’t heard a thing. Okay, I’ll say it: The experience of the tour is still considered one of the special events in his life.

Helene Hadsell and Her SPEC Technique | Quantum Mind Success

I did not realize it was a prepackaged deal for the winners, and fly, you must. The one dealer I hadn’t heard from concerned me. Anything you thought or spoke about in the past that meant doubt, failure, or was of a nsme nature is gone and buried. Usually I let my husband, Pat, read over the gems of wisdom [our entries], before I licked the stamp and envelope, and sent them on their merry way to impress the judges. Again, let me reassure you, there are never any failures, only a delay in results.


The fact that we did win the first time we entered helped us gain confidence. I then tried to bribe her into going with me, by telling her I would buy her a pizza for lunch. The trip wasfirst class, but for only one person It was now May 1 st of that year, and we still had not heard of any trip I’d won.

Perhaps our past accumulation of positive energy had something to do with the win. I KNOW it was premature, but it is still coming to me. Great show — just listened tonight — had no time before. Now I want all of you to know, YES, you can recapture the rapture” of Hadselll ecstasy, al-fiough fat, forty, and frustrated. Books by Helen Hadsell.

She called my attention to a contest advertisement in the Sunday badsell “Comic Section. To my way of thinking, I like the phrase: You want his job.