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Drekkanas, three in number, are ruled by the lords of 1st, 5th and 9th from the sign concerned. Dvadasamsas are reflected in speculum No. If these planets are weak, their indications will also be feeble.

The weak Moon and Mercury in the company of, a malefic are malefics. Really happy with the service ratbam. Skandha means a chapter or section of a book or system.

Such an occasion be also used for enthronement of regal men. The work Garga Jataka has clear instructions in regard to calculation of Navamasa. Mercury is a malefic ratna when he is with one of the Rtnam, Mars and Saturn, but not when with the weak Moon.

For this reason, without livelihood, there is no destiny. The second sign is Taurus whose appearance is like that of an ox.

Strong when in the 4th, i.

While Bala Bhadra’s commentary on “Makaranda” does not seem to be available, the said work seems to be Gunakara’s on “Hora Makaranda”. The sage implies that use rantam astrology cannot apply to such people whose birth times are not exactly noted and thus to those who do not have correct horoscopes.


Such deductions will have to be suitably made. In respect of certain original words in this verse, no special differentiation is made in the translation. The quality of speech depends on Mercury. Out of all the astronomical treatises, Varaha Mihira prefers this even to Paulasa Siddhanta, the improved versions of which are Brahma Gupta Siddhanta and Bhaskara Siddhanta.

According to Kalyana Varma, the word “Horan is produced by removing the first hoga last syllables in the words “Aho-Ratran day and night in, which remain bound are the planets and signs.

The seventh signLibra is represented, by a man holding a balance in his hands and relates to the region of navel, water and lower abdomen of time Personified. It resorts to a land growing fresh green grass, a place used by women for copulation and a place of artistic excellence.

Hora RatNam – Free Download PDF

The nodes attained the status of Grahas and were recognized for their effect-giving powers in ancient Indian astrology. Kanyakubja in ancient days was known as an abode of learned Brahmins. If the Sun is strong, the native will have well-tuned soul required for attaining success in penance etc. Since Scorpio is an even sign, the Trimsamsa of Venus should be marked in Taurus which is an even sign of Venus.

According to Kalyana Varma, it is a practice to identify the twelve signs, viz. In other cases, it is not strong. Ratnamm text refers to these as “east and others”. However, in assessing directional strength of a sign, the nature of a sign being centipede and footless is ignored. Bhagavata Purana stipulates even their distances from the earth.


Hora Ratnam (Set of 2 Volumes)

Capricorn’s first half and whole of Leo resort to forests and both the signs are strong in day time. Mars affects one’s physical strength.

That is why in all the Sastras, relationship is first narrated, on being questioned of the subject, it is to be stated that unless the relationship is first told, nothing can be understood. Datnam fortnight is attributed to Venus and a year to Saturn.

Bala Bhadra’s Hora Ratnam: With Original Deva Nagari Slokas – Balabhadra – Google Books

The Sun and the Moon do not get any exclusive rulership of these elements. Some opine, this duration should be based on the Navamsas gained by the indicative planet in this in which it is placed. Regarding further use of directions ruled by planets, the one in strength in an angle denotes the direction of entry of delivery chambers. Benefic planets are Venus, Mercury and Jupiter. Bala Bhadra has only misunderstood the term “degrees” ratnak plural stipulated by Yavana as the whole hra.

The division of signs as masculine, feminine etc. The quadruped signs, i.