THE DECAPITATED CHICKEN (La gallina degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, “The Decapitated Chicken” (“La gallina degollada”) was first published on I am FUCKING PROUD of this essay, in which I compared the gruesome short story La gallina degollada, or The Decapitated Chicken, to the tortured life and. Buy La gallina degollada (Spanish Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews –

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The parents respond to this tragedy with “new flames of aching love” in hopes of another son, but once again the same tragedy occurs. Some of the bitterness he knew in his relationships as husband and father can be perceived in The Decapitated Chicken, but here again the basic emotion is objectified and now creatively translated into gloomy imaginings.

After three years, Mazzini and Berta were seized by a burning desire for a new child, trusting that the time elapsed between births would placate the disease. Quiroga slowly develops the suspense and augments the tension between the pair until the end of the story. Nor does the fact that Berta coughs up blood portend a happy ending. Disaster is inevitable; all that remains to be revealed is the unfolding of the tragedy.

When their precious daughter becomes sick, they lose their confidence and once again begin to fight. Lists with This Book. The gaze of the idiots became animated; the same insistent look came over all their pupils. Skip to content Stephen Mc. Lots to love, but not consistent enough to be truly phenomenal.

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In this gory tale, Quiroga uses a lot of foreshadowing. Religious themes run through both stories. The couple decide to go out for the day with Bertita.

The child stayed profoundly a bubbling idiot, limp, dead to the world on the knees of his mother. Walking past the kitchen he saw a sea of blood covering the floor. At this galllna, the desperation, hopelessness and hostility between the couple begins to rise.


Jo rated it liked it Jul 17, By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Ben Echarry rated it liked it Mar 17, Notify me of new comments via email. The contrast between the treatment of the sons and that of the daughter is very important in this story. Educate yourself on all that his idiocy will allow him, but no further. Winter,pp.

She could only utter a hoarse cry, throw her arms above her head and, leaning against her husband, sink slowly to the floor. You might want to have something happy to read on the side, though. It began with the change of pronouns: On the other hand, he shows a glimpse of the modernist style and naturalistic elements horracio would come to characterize his later work. The day she celebrates her fourth birthday, the child becomes feverish. Joaquin rated it liked it Oct 18, Their four sons all sicken and are reduced to a state of idiocy because of congenital disease.

On her fourth birthday little Bertita falls ill, having eaten a surfeit of sweets; in contrast with her brothers she is spoiled and overindulged.

The irony lies in the fact that the couple’s only healthy child dies at the hands of her brothers on the very day when they have cause for celebration: That was the first fight, and many were to follow. This site uses cookies. Their daughter quickly escaped into the house. Really fascinated by this author — Horacio Quiroga. Nature is hostile, and it deollada always wins.

Horacio Quiroga is a genius.

Yet his tone is never warm or intimate, never confessional, rarely personal in any degree. Horacio Quiroga is a genius. She never wanted them stepping foot in the kitchen. Like Conrad’s quuroga Quiroga’s “monsters” are never given names or any individualizing characteristic: Knowing the personal history galliha Quiroga, the two novels feature some autobiographical components.


Nothing phenomenal, but not bad either. On the other hand, the works of author Horacio Quiroga aren’t quite the same. When they were bathed they mooed until their faces flushed with blood. Jan 11, Miguel Barrera rated it liked it. Cuando su querida hija se pone enferma, pierden su horaccio y empiezan otra vez a pelear. He also excelled in portraying mental illness and hallucinatory states. No trivia or quizzes yet. As in the majority of Quiroga’s works, he presents his story in a manner that is impartial and apathetic towards the characters.

The Decapitated Chicken (La Gallina Degollada) by Horacio Quiroga, |

The sun had already begun to move toward the wall, hiding itself from view; and yet they galllina to sit, staring at the bricks, more inert than ever. Husband and wife eventually become reconciled, though, and have another child, this time a daughter. Before, they had shared a mutual fault for their ill begotten kin; now that success had arrived, each one attributed the success to themselves and felt with more certainty the infamy of having their four idiot sons forced upon them by the other.

In Quiroga there are comments such as “paying for the excesses of their grandfathers,” “the terrifying line of descent,” “rotten progeny. The hope of creating a healthy son slowly changes into resentment and apprehension.