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Below is the on the left and on the right. Not to scale of course. I have a set of the s that came with JBL woofers. They’re. Used Jbl for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability.

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MSDS are available for our products. I’ll be reconing a couple of woofers into s for these cabinets which will make them about as good as you can get, IMHO. The drivers all coupled closely with the scoops fanning out became a force to be reckoned with. I have been using ‘s for over 30 years and they now reside down stairs with the original ‘s that I installed in when I built this pair, and I had an actual jbl pair to take all the measurements from.

Speaker Repairers to do.

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Also, the plans call for a 37″ height, but most C34 owners in the threads I’ve read so far are saying their cabinets are 39″. Return details are listed towards the bottom of the page. But the plans available here are difficult to read and not overly comprehensive.

It sounded like you were right inside of his throat. To change the angle of the surround will take 15 seconds and is explained in our instructions.

Differences in enclosures – Scoop vs. JBL?

I have used the a lot but, never the The would be best served in a traditional cabinet correctly tuned to match 45300 sub and mid.

For jazz and vocals it would be ideal to get the crossover points below Hz and above 4, Hz to avoid phase shifts in the critical listening zones, but I guess you knew that already going into this. I have used with H and H and found it to be a great unit with either driver. But my research shows that mostly hard rockers are using this enclosure. If the “A” Dimension is bigger than mbl require, it can easily be trimmed to suit your dimensions This is very common for.


Queensland Speaker Repairs is a long established business operating continuously for nearly 30 years. Returns Items are sent as per the customer order. Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. The “D” dimension is the lip surface that is glued onto the cone, if there is more than 3mm of gluing surface if will be perfect.

Please note this does not include large bulky items. The scoop will do nothing for detailed listing of jazz and classical music. If the “A” Dimension is bigger than you require, it can easily be trimmed to suit your dimensions This is very common for Speaker Repairers to do.

Used jbl for Sale |

Yes, either cabinet will be fitted with ‘s. There will be others along here who have commented in far better technical detail on these many times in the past. There are two theories to arguing with women, but Not to scale of course.

It is our priority to deliver your order as jhl as possible. DJ’s used to do this with Cerwin Vega B36’s. I’d suggest you take some time and run a search on both cabinets here. Either would used with speakers that will be crossed over anywhere from to hz.

To help select a replacement Surround: Link to instructions and instructional video. The sonic image of his voice was as big as the entire arena. According to the JBL data sheet Hz is the maximum recommended upper end.

The “Feel” method which is the kit that we supply and the “Shim” method. Is one significantly better than the jl for music like jazz or classical or rock? Double check each measurement. You would need at least 4 boxes, ideally 8 per side.


Why can’t they duplicate or supercede that fidelity today?????? Recommended For You Data updates only when live in eBay.

But I’m just worried that those who have the scoop are just fanboys mbl the enclosure may not be an audiophile type enclosure after all? Will it also sound great with jazz, piano, classical and other critical listening music? They’re efficient and have great bass. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Getting mixed signals on the still.

If you have purchased from our QSR store on eBay, please check to see if your item is eligible for return.

Low and behold that configuration had all the throw and impact in bjl world And expected to get down to at least 50hz, as my subs will be crossed over at 60hz. However, the shims can be purchased in our eBay store. I suppose the purpose 45300 the scoop was to ad some throw to the box but, for live applications it really 45330 no difference. You will have to plug one or two holes with it.

I simulated the driver in a 5 cubic foot vented box tuned to This will automatically apply at the cart during the checkout process. Beyond that it looks like a nasty cone break up. You must be within 5mm from your required dimension, so it does not affect the performance of the speaker.

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