ne of the truly transcendent moments (in more ways than one) in Jim Crace’s ” Quarantine,” his Whitbread Prize-winning novel about Christ’s Being Dead has ratings and reviews. Tyler said: Craft and good writing make this book a hit with many readers. Innovative form and thinking pro. Being Dead is a novel by the English writer Jim Crace, published in Its principal characters are married zoologists Joseph and Celice and their daughter .

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The police find them first, what’s left.

Jim Crace Reading from Being Dead

But this reader enjoyed the central characters far more when they were dead than when they drew breath. The daughter is similarly unappealing.

I wondered about East Anglia, since Crace is English, but that doesn’t quite fit. It’s what I would call a dumbshow of literary pap and sophistry. But brief as it isBeing Dead defies easy summary or analysis. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

May 30, Robert Wechsler rated it it was amazing Dezd Sunflowers, you can argue, are well, aesthetic naturally. If I do — if I have – then look around the room and see if you can spot exactly who amongst the NBCC members deserves my startled, heart-felt and delighted thanks. All the while, the tragedy is accentuated. Recommended to Tyler by: Its writing really is superior; the contrast of life and death is its key literary innovation.


As are their lives and their histories. Joseph the Husband dies a short while after Celice after they have been budgeoned on a secluded beach while having a picnic.

Quivering | Books | The Guardian

We find the central characters Joseph and Celice dead on the beach. So with those two exceptions, I do not recommend this book. The death of a middle-aged married couple — which is told initially in reverse from the moment of their murder before it hurtles through the present, detailing the bodies’ six days of exposure, discovery, and clinically detached removal and processing which plays well against their ever-evolving daughter’s reactions — collides with the simultaneously celebratory and tragic story of how the two first met.

When he fell on his back, his legs apart, his fat and puckered desd were on display. Deead see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

One of the most thought-provoking comments about the novel comes daed Crace himself.

Many of the chapters of Being Dead are captioned with a date and precise time. They are preserved in a sense of tragedy that makes them intriguing. Their bodies had been swept away, at last, by bbeing, by time, by dwad. As the novel opens, they die together shortly after making love in a hollow in the dunes of Baritone Beach, the setting of their very first tryst three decades before.


Dec 25, Kirstie rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Mar 03, Grady rated it it was amazing. Grief is death eroticized. The balcony of fat around her navel.

Both writers find a harsh beauty in knowledge and acceptance of the void; but Craceunlike Coetzee, also consoles us with the play of language and the possibility of love. Three time-lines wrap around the deaths of Celice and Joseph on a remote beach: Trivia About Being Dead. I wish the author had woven a better context around the decidedly interesting and original premise.

Being Dead

Quotes from Being Dead. A very precise and wonderful carce book. It is, I suppose, the juxtaposition of a sometimes harsh theme with such controlled but luscious language that makes this book so unusual. View all 7 comments. And its not just an exposure of bodily juices and decaying parts.