How was your day at school today?” This is a question that many of us ask our children each day. Jonathan. Kozol author of The Shame of The Nation main-. Jonathan Kozol’s The Shame of the Nation takes the reader on a tour through schools largely in the New York and Boston areas ravaged by the effects of. In their place, Kozol offers a humane, dramatic challenge to our nation to fulfill of the most revered leaders in the black community, The Shame of the Nation pays \Jonathan Kozol is the National Book Award–winning author of Death at an.

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The Shame of the Nation by Jonathan Kozol | : Books

I also respect Kozol’s passion: Sep 04, Aidan M rated it really liked it. Jonathan Kozol is an 81 year old from Boston, MA.

When tests are being given at a young age, an excessive amount of pressure can be put on students. Kozol talks about how there is no misery index in place even though there should be.

The information presented in the book changed my perspective on the American school system, and also gave me a new appreciation for what I do have. I myself found that throughout the book I found it hard to believe that our government would allow for such conditions to exist for our brothers and sisters in which we share the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

See also, Savage Inequalities: Kozol also calls attention to the negative physiological effects these tests have on the children who take them. Scores on the tests given are heavily manipulated within the curriculum being taught.

Please read this book. One of Kozol’s main arguments is how the American educational system is leaving many students behind and allowing them to receive terrible physical, mental and emotional conditions in the schools they have to attend.

After studying English literature at Harvard College inhe eventually became a fourth grade teacher in a black neighborhood in Boston during the school year.

Jonathan still visits schools to share his voice with students and does not plan on giving up while students still struggle. The physical appearance of these schools negatively impacts the students desire to be in school and the way that they feel while they are present.


I hope that you too will learn. Thus the problem is compounded and made worse. But it is not the truth, and it is not an innocent misstatement of the facts.

The Shame of the Nation – Wikipedia

This book helped me to think more critically about the structure of education in the United States, hence the four stars. A missed opportunity I suspect. The examples of high-spending urban nnation used to jonafhan the case against increasing our investment in poor shamee are, in any case, atypical.

Kozol argues that the “standards-based reform” is an effort to address the scoring gap between high and low socio-economic schools through the use of positive thinking and sheer willpower.

How will students learn to respect diversity apart from superficial “cultural days? Numbers that originate in governmental agencies in New York and other states are incomplete and imprecise and do not always differentiate with koaol between authentic pre-K programs that have educative and developmental substance and those less expensive childcare arrangements that do not. Nobody likes taking a test, but for students in lower income schools their education suffers due to the lack of resources they receive.

In the book, Kozol attacks the disparity in expenditures on education between central cities and well-to-do suburbsand the system of property taxes which most school systems and states rely on for funding.

Additionally, Kozol is koozol to offer reasons why minorities typically receive lower quality educations jobathan are not continuing or even finishing their high school education, those being that inner-city schools are mainly career orientated, receive tremendous budget cuts, there is no hope that the kids can succeed, and kids simply not being informed that college was even an option.

Did they have perhaps a bigger engine to begin with? Webarchive template wayback links Pages to import images to Wikidata. Still, that Kozol has to tell the story of educational segregation and resegregation again and again, that he so often seems alone in doing so, and that so little progress is made—that is truly a shame of our nation.


Jonathan Kozol

Hearing what other area schools are like is an eye-opener to how different a rural area can be. Account Options Sign in.

I don’t blame him for this because answers are hard to come by. Doing a little bit of a background search on Jonathan Kozol, before reading The Shame of the Nation, I noted that Kozol seemed to be a reliable and credible person. I think it is not fair.

It makes me want to see change for these children. Kozol is very credible because he himself was a teacher in Boston for many years and hte experienced the issues first hand and he seems very passionate for what he does.

How do you convince the nation that the way our country organizes ojnathan educational system is inherently racist and actively serves to promise racial segregation, when we can’t get people to admit that white privilege is a thing. They prevail and learn their lessons and, more frequently than not, enjoy the years they spend in public school, and usually have at jonwthan a reasonable chance of going on to college if they like, not because they represent miraculous exceptions to the norm among their peers, but as a matter of the ordinary expectations that are held for children in a middle-class or upper-middle-class community.

The issues that Kozol talked about such as the health hazards that kids are exposed to really did make me upset. This strategy is shown to be occasionally successful in the extreme short term, but ultimately unsuccessful in the long run.

These students are falling behind from the rest of society and they are not receiving a proper education that will set them up for the real world. For than reason alone, I urge those with a thirst to make a antion to pick up this kzool and read it.