Justia Argentina. search. My Account. Log In Sign Up. search. Find a Lawyer · Ask a Lawyer Ley Nº Descarga el documento en version PDF. Regimen de Sociedades Comerciales: Ley 19, Texto Ordenado Segun Decreto Con La Incorporacion de Las Leyes 19, Argentina Zunino. Ley de Sociedades Comerciales: Ley Comentada y Concordada: Normativa Complementaria (Serie de Legislacion Comentada) (Spanish Edition) by.

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As regards the control body, it is optional and regulated by qrgentina organization agreement as the case may be. It may have up to 50 partners, who may be individuals or entities. Purchase and Sale of Shareholding Interests For the purchase and sale of share holdings we must consider various matters relating to its proper documentation.

Subject to such law is an individual or an entity, public or private, for profit qrgentina not, who does economic business in Argentina, or outside Argentina insofar as the acts thereof argenrina have effects on the Argentine market. Under section 7 of the Law, an economic concentration is prohibited if its only purpose or effect is or could be to restrict or distort competition, in a manner that harm may result to the general economic interest.

General Principles in our Business Companies Law 3. The LSC provides a procedure to effect mergers, which includes its approval by the members, publication of notices to protect third-party creditors, signing a final merger agreement and registration with the Public Registry of Commerce.

doing business in argentina

They are all pdf so I can’t easily post them as links, but you can see several Argentine documents if you Google ‘articulo In the case of an entity that already exists in Argentina, which has a similar corporate purpose, we must review if the acquisition must be reported for approval by the National Commission for Defense of Competition CNDCas controlling authority of the Law for Defense of Competition.


The UTE must appoint a representative to act on behalf of each member, to exercise the rights and accept the duties relating to the development or performance of the project, service or supply. Dominant position means a situation in which, for a certain product or service, a person is the only offering or demanding party in the national market or, even if it is not the only person, it is not exposed to substantial competition.

Such debt notes or interest certificates must be issued pursuant to a brochure including the issuance conditions. The advantage of a transfer of an ongoing concern is that the purchaser has a mechanism that enables it to know the business liabilities accurately, and so avoid any surprises from concealed or non-declared liabilities.

I prefer “Act”though. Spanish term or phrase: Under section 6 of the Law, economic concentration means taking control of one or multiple businesses, by any of the following: Vote Promote or demote ideas.

Ley Nº 23576

In the case of an acquisition of a share holding in an entity, a contractual mechanism must be sought to guarantee that the purchaser will be kept harmless against concealed or non-declared liabilities of the seller with respect to the issuer.

Otherwise, each manager is equally empowered to transact business on behalf of the entity. Its effect upon third parties is subject to the document being entered into in writing and registered with the RPC.

lej Joint Ventures UTE 3. View forum View forum without registering on UserVoice. Grading comment Selected automatically based on peer agreement. The merger mechanism is regulated as an entity restructuring procedure under the Income Tax Law.

Argentins primary feature is the temporary nature of the association to fulfill the objective pursued. Trusts The Law No 24, regulates a trust, wherein a person grantor transfers trust ownership of certain assets to 199550 person trusteewho agrees to use the property for the benefit of whoever is appointed in the argentima beneficiaryand transfer the property at the end of a term, or upon a condition, to whoever is indicated in the contract.

  ISO 11568-2 PDF

The source doc comes from Argentina. In a consolidation, two or more entities transfer their assets and liabilities to a new entity organized for the purpose. Based upon the cashflow resulting from the transferred assets, the Trustee issues debt notes or interest certificates backed by the trust property.

Ley 19, correspondiente al ejercicio finalizado el 31 de diciembre de A shareholder may be represented at a meeting but may not be a representative on behalf of a director, a controller, a manager or any other employee of the SA.

Los 6 puntos relevantes del proyecto de Ley de Emprendedores – Infobae

What is the best way to annotate this in English? Business Companies and Other Investment Vehicles The LSC regulates different entity types and other contractual systems whereby an investment can be channeled in Argentina. Limited Liability Companies S.

Shares of common stock entitle the holder to preference in the subscription of new shares of the same class, in proportion with the holding. Upon such terms, the sale document may be validly signed. Two or more persons are necessary to organize a business company that is a legal entity under the law. Le equity must be fully subscribed at the time of entering into the organization agreement.

Automatic update in Once the party has paid argentinw such contribution, it is released from any debt of the entity, except in cases such as abuse, acts or things clearly unrelated to the entity purpose, or deviation from the entity interest. Login or register free and only takes a few minutes to participate in this question.

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