Malayalam Calendar or the Kolla varsham is the hindu calendar followed by people in the South Indian state of Kerala. Malayalam calendar is a sidereal solar . Today, 17 August Malayalam New Year (Kollavarsham Malayalam calendar is the only calendar which celebrated its New Year in. Malayalam Calendar, Malayalam Calendar , Deepika Calendar, Calendar Malayalam,Malayalam Internet News, news india, daily newspaper, asian news, .

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Kolla Varsham 1189, Kanni

Avittam Dwithiya 1. January 24, Rahu – Sorry for the amerikanisms.

Bharani Sapthami June mzlayalam, Rahu – Base Calendar Malayalam Gregorian Malayalam. Uthraadam Chaturdashi September 7, Rahu – Malayalam Calendar or the Kolla Varsham is a calendar system followed in Kerala. Location ThiruvananthapuramKeralaIndia. Pooram Chathurthi You can contact me at varnam.


Language English English Malayalam. August 19, Rahu – January 20, Rahu – Aswathi Shashthi Vishakam Shashthi Want A Free Reading?

Before 1 CE History: February 7, Rahu – January 30, Rahu – I also run a history carnival in the 15th of every month.

September 9, Rahu – October 16, Rahu – September 10, Rahu – Chingam corresponds to the English months of Calenda – September.

Vishakam Prathama Malayalam calendar with panchangam and details for Malayalam month Makaram of Kolla varsham Bharani Chaturdashi Chittira Dwithiya 6.

Malayalam Calendar | Kolla Varsham with Malayalam Dates |

Karthika Amavasi This blog is written by Jayakrishnan. Even now the meaning of Kollam is puzzling. Moolam Dwadashi The date on which the event occurred was mostly tied to a seminal event such as the establishment calehdar a temple or an important marker like the beginning of the Kaliyuga or the Hijra. February 2, Rahu – Atham Prathama 5. The tall claims with regard to ports of Kerala have no mention during that coast in the rest of kingdoms of Deccan from Satavahanas to Pallavas.


Also find the general behaviour of each Janma Nakshatram. February 1, Rahu – February 10, Rahu – May 31, Rahu – Language English English Malayalam. Choose your location to find exact date and time of maayalam.

Thrikketta Shashthi